Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School: Fostering Holistic Growth & Academic Excellence

 T Ramasubramanian,   PrincipalThe education industry is focusing more on a holistic approach to education that encompasses personalized learning, technology incorporation in schools, and student well-being. Consequently, there has been a rise in demand for flexible learning models like hybrids and online options fueled by the need for affordability and adaptability. In an industry where the standards keep shifting, there is an intense competition within the market landscape, where institutions aim to distinguish themselves via innovation, quality pedagogical policies, and student-centered strategies. Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School was established in 1972 by Vallabhacharya Vidya Sabha, and it has since garnered an excellent reputation through academic brilliance and all-round development. The school is recognized as one of Chennai's most prestigious CBSE schools, with a long-standing legacy rooted in molding future leaders.

Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School is a testament to its founders' vision and the generosity of the late Kola Perumal Chetty. What started with 24 students, has now grown over time into one of the finest CBSE schools in the city that provides more than merely classroom teaching. The school, however, aims at developing all facets of students' lives, making them well-equipped to survive in this fast-changing world. Kola Perumal School has garnered several accolades, including 'The Outstanding School of the Year 2022' for Innovation in Education by The Academic Insights.

It was also recognized with the India K 12 Award for Excellence in Value Education and honored with the prestigious 'Best School Award' by School Voice and YMCA. The school received India's Education Excellence Awards 2023 and ranked number one in CBSE Parameter Wise for Integrated Learning by Education Today. "At Kola Perumal, the educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that learning extends beyond traditional academic subjects", says T Ramasubramanian, Principal.

Academic & Ethical Excellence Institution

The design of the Kola Perumal School infrastructure is very effective in facilitating a complete learning experience. It has well-ventilated digital classrooms and modern laboratories such as STEM, Math, and Language Labs that promote inventiveness and ingenuity among learners. Two students of class VIII had created 3D-Printed Prosthetic Bionic Hand and won first prize in
the CBSE National Science Exhibition 2023-24. A well-stocked library enhances academic and personal development resources, while comfortable furniture creates a favorable environment for learning.

Extracurricular activities play an essential role in shaping the overall development of a child; thus, the school offers a wide array of additional curricular activities to enrich students' learning experiences, such as the 'Leader in Me' programme that fosters leadership skills and life skills needed for 21st century and 'XSEED' academic program that boosts thinking ability and problem-solving confidence for kindergarten level. For students in classes VI to VIII, the school introduces 'Skilful Saturday' with 'bagless' days, where they are trained on 24 different skills from basic stitches to movie making, music, gardening, and more. The 'Awakened Citizen' program enables pupils to overcome real-life challenges, whereas the CACA project sensitizes people about child abuse and rights.

The institution emphasizes sports and physical fitness, establishing the Kola Perumal Chetty Sports Academy to nurture student talents. It encourages participation in various sports activities, fosters physical fitness, and produces national and international players. Additionally, self-defense courses in Kalaripayattu, Silambam, and Karate promote physical fitness and personal safety for the girls of classes VI to VIII. Annual Day Celebrations provide a platform for every student to showcase their unique talents, enhancing confidence and camaraderie within the school community.

A leading educational institution fostering holistic growth, instilling values, & preparing students for success in academics & life

Integrity-Centered Learning Community

Among other CBSE schools in Chennai, Kola Perumal stands out by emphasizing holistic development along with academics. It has always been a trendsetter in training students for an advanced civilization by initiating learning of design thinking, artificial intelligence, and financial markets management, among others that are needed in the 21st century. The school encourages participation in Olympiads and national /state-level competitions, while internal competitions trigger innovation and talent. The students participate in outreach programmes such as RSP, awareness rallies and other activities to engage with the nearby community. Discipline is central to Kola Perumal's educational ethos. Its holistic approach integrates discipline and education since it recognizes both as mutually reinforcing entities.

Academically, this means that when discipline supports learning, students go beyond academic excellence to become whole individuals who can contribute to society. Quality and professionalism count most when it comes to the institution's staff so that it may remain relevant in current professional life with continuous professional development through workshops, seminars, training, and more. Teachers are constantly updated with modern teaching trends like Capacity Building Programmes by CBSE, among others, for quality education of students.

To ensure security, student movements are monitored by CCTV cameras and it is confirmed that classrooms and restrooms are kept clean. The School Canvas Mobile App enhances interaction and teamwork between students, parents, and teachers, thereby making communication easier. Through PTA meetings and a Parent Involvement Cell, teachers hand hold the stake holders, the parents and community thus ensuring joint responsibility for children's education.

In the future, Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School aims to further enhance its academic excellence and holistic development programs. The school plans to integrate advanced technologies into teaching methodologies, providing students with a modern and innovative learning experience. Additionally, the institution intends to expand its extracurricular offerings, fostering a well-rounded development environment.