Navkis Group Of Institutions: Making Difference One Student at a Time

Education centers serve as the cornerstone of societal progress, providing a fertile ground for the cultivation of intellect and character. One such institute, equipping students with the tools they need to shape a brighter future for themselves and generations to come is Navkis Group of Institutions. Part of the Rams Education Foundation, this institute was founded in 2000 by Anandaram M R, a son of the founder of the MS Ramaiah Group, the legendary educationist and philanthropist, on the edifice of the MS Ramaiah - values of empowerment, simplicity, inclusiveness, and commitment.

Aimed at promoting an excellence-driven culture, Navkis, as part of its core philosophy, espouses the propagation of quality education, founded on the all-round development of the five aspects of a child’s personality, namely physical, cognitive, aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual. Reinforcing this philosophy is the focus of Navkis in inculcating, in the minds of the students, the values of prudent conduct, high-sense of morality, civic mindedness, self-confidence and willpower.
 Anandaram M R,  Founder
This philosophical essence is enshrined in the vision and mission statements of the Group. Taken together and as a cohesive approach, the institution has, as its thrust area, the creation of a teaching learning environment that creates a sense of knowledge dissemination through experiential learning. The Group comprises of three CBSE-curriculum Schools, two PreUniversity Colleges and an Engineering College, affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University [VTU], with the institutions being located in the cities of Bangalore, Mysore, and Hassan.

Teaching-Learning Environment

The institution strongly believes that learning is not limited to classrooms and schools alone, but should reach other life skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving. “This is achieved through an effective integration of different teaching methods in the curriculum, scripting in-house lesson plans for classroom teaching, and also providing Faculty Development Programs”, shares Dr. S. Jayashree Muralidhar, Vice President – Academics, NGI.

Evolving from the CBSE-propelled ‘STEM’ Education to the contemporary ‘STEAMED’ concept, programs like entrepreneurship, design thinking, innovation, and artificial intelligence have been integrated into the curriculum, keeping in mind the futuristic skill-sets. The curriculum is completely aligned with NEP 2020 and the NCFSE and takes an inter-disciplinary approach to the teaching learning process at Navkis.

The Navkis philosophy embraces diversity and inclusivity as part of its proud and time-tested culture. The focus is to ensure an empathetic mindset amongst teachers and students which will become part of every Navkis stakeholder.
The Navkis philosophy embraces diversity and inclusivity as part of its proud and time-tested culture. The focus is to ensure an empathetic mindset amongst teachers and students which will become part of every Navkis stakeholder.

The institutions have succeeded, over the last two decades, in establishing an academic environment and ambience conducive to a period-relevant academic progression of its students. The infrastructure across the various institutions, are contemporary and period-relevant. The campuses are vibrant, student-friendly, safe and secure. The institute ensures that class sizes are kept at optimal strength aimed at personal student-tailored attention of the students in the class with a teacher-student ratio of 1:20. Well lit and ventilated classrooms strategically located in a safe and secure campus with a very efficient student support ecosystem.

The institution offers diverse academic programs and extracurricular activities tailored to student's interests and talents, equipping them with relevant skills to succeed in the dynamic world. Introduction of cognitive skill enhancing co-curricular activities like design den, life crafters, cursive canvas, science spark, money matters, and physical well-being-inducing extracurricular activities like rhythm and groove, yoga, karate, taekwondo, body and soul. Ensuring the social and emotional growth of the students through counseling and social immersion initiatives. Providing the students to structured access to technology, resources and tools that aid effective student learning.

Navkis Institution strongly believes that learning is not limited to class rooms & schools alone, but should reach other life skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, & problem-solving

Teaching Resources

Every single teacher is selected after a stringent selection process. Teachers, as mentors, are passionate, well equipped, experienced, patient, and understanding. They are trained to use contemporary creative instructional methods and technologies to enrich the student experience. Its facilitators vary the teaching methods to adapt to the different learning styles and abilities of each student. Their continuous mentoring and guidance, constructive feedback, and praise give the students a feeling of self-confidence.

Additionally, teachers at Navkis Institutions possess the right blend of subject knowledge and teaching expertise, have strong communication skills and demonstrate an infectious passion for teaching. They are encouraged to innovate and introduce new teaching methods, technologies, and approaches to keep their classes engaging and relevant. The Navkis-trained teachers are characterized by being seen as change-agents providing students with an appropriate support eco-system, by exhorting them to set high standards towards excellence, fostering a need for critical thinking and equipping them with the mindset to take on the challenges of the adult and professional life.

Today, Navkis Group is on a growth trajectory and has plans to establish the Navkis Educational Centres across major cities and towns of Karnataka. It is poised to offer students of the higher secondary classes to opt for either continuing with the Indian curriculum or migrate to an international curriculum. On its drawing board are plans to establish Navkis University, a state private university in Bangalore with multi-disciplinary programs across various faculties. It also plans to launch a training academy for teachers in the area of curriculum development and delivery. The times are ever-evolving and the management is geared to make its institutions, curriculum, and students period and life-ready when they step out of its institutions.