Knowzies Technology Solutions: Bestowing Interactive Digital Learning Solutions Powered By Agile Methodologies & Novel Technologies

Amol Shinde,CEO

Amol Shinde, CEO

The eLearning market's gradual evolution from education to training has made an impressionable impact on how organizations and institutions perceive knowledge & pedagogy. Today, the $200 billion global industry is predicted to swoop in 98 percent of organizations across the world under its radar, credit goes to its engaging and interactive abilities.

Leveraging interactive learning solutions as its armor, Pune-based Knowzies Technology Solutions is helping institutes & companies realize this unique vision of learning by blending its technology wisdom with a client-centric approach & agile methodologies to craft customized solutions that make learning more impactful. Talking about the client orientation, Amol Shinde, CEO, Knowzies, states, “We adhere to infinite rounds of feedback to ensure that our solutions satisfy the requirements of every stakeholder”. Its proof-of-concept approach and every individuals' entrepreneurial attitude take Knowzies further beyond its peer group.

Interactive Learning
The three-year-old innovative organization, Knowzies leveraging
its sophisticated technical infrastructure to digitize the learning solutions with minimum to no margin of error. Being a client-centric organization, it undertakes a detailed discussion with the customer with respect to the requirement, analysis & proposal, and the target audience post which the project is initiated in lieu with the brief. The company’s well defined instructional design approach and expertise on various Rapid Authoring tools help streamline course materials to maximize the visual appeal of the content, which can be delivered in more than 30-40 languages, thanks to Knowzies collaborations with language experts across industry.

"We adhere to infinite rounds of feedback to ensure that our solutions satisfy the requirements of every stakeholder"

This content can be further modified via different development programs to fit varied platforms like mobile (if required), along with other projects executed by the company’s specialized designing and development team. Sometimes, the projects are also inculcated with the latest trend of micro–learning, where the customers can send the educational message through bit-sized learning modules with duration ranging from one minute to 5minutes, and even 10 minutes.

To avoid the content becoming redundant, Knowzies offers clients with gamification service, a fun and animated way to modulate the course with more visual appeal for experiential learning & experience. “During our projects, we keep in mind the instructional theories and
visual treatment for the solutions that are designed keeping in mind the end-consumer,” adds Amol. The team also expediates technology projects with respect to web apps, mobile apps and UI/UX, and re-sells components of DOCEBO LMS - a leading cloud-based leaning management system. Knowzies also intend to offer consulting services on People Analytics in near future – sign of a bright future ahead.

Ashutosh Joshi, Co-Founder & COO

Unleashing Creativity
The team is allowed free reign to run their creative chariots and modulate engaging content that will help companies send their message across. Each team member is granted the autonomy of task assigned to them that has so far enabled the Knowzies craft solutions unique to the industry and highly beneficial to the customers. The team is currently focusing on bringing in compliance training programs built around food & safety, OHS and Legal, among many others. “Our future roadmap revolves around getting into lots of innovative eLearning development solutions like AR, VR, AI and in turn making even more interactive solutions,” concludes Amol.