Kids 360: Offering Unique Holistic Child Development Program for Best in Class Learning and Care

Ashish Shrivastav, Director,Shubhra, Director
Ashish Shrivastav, Director

What will you teach our child? Who are your staff members and what is their background? What kind of facilities do you offer? How do you maintain your childcare? If you are a parent of a toddler, then these are probably some of the few essential questions that you always check before picking a daycare centre for your younger one. A parent himself, Ashish Shrivastav, Founder of Kids 360 wasn’t left unaffected by the various obstacles that most parents go through during the early stages of upbringing of his own child. Hence, with a vision to eliminate these stumbling blocks, Ashish Shrivastav, an ex-Toyota employee quit his corporate job to focus on raising the quality of early childcare and its development to world class levels.

Set up in 2011, Kids 360 aims to provide an educational environment to ensure holistic development of every child. Some of the unique programs offered by the firm include Preschool where each child has a specially crafted plan for themselves; Daycare which ensures that the children below the age of two are placed in
a safe hands; Vacation Camps conducted in summer and winter to keep children fruitfully engaged during the holiday season and After School Activities which include dance, crafts, silent play and music.

" Built on good relationships and goodwill, Kids 360 promises to deliver quality while constantly maintaining a balance between the parents and the kids"

The organization adopts Kreedo methodology, a unique approach which emphasizes on offering an individual plan 'tailored for every child'. Speaking of which, Ashish Shrivastav, Founder and Director, Kids 360 says, “As a part of Kreedo Methodology, each child at Kids 360 is exposed to a ‘Structured’ environment that helps him or her to learn from the concepts of practical life skills, motor skills, language skills, science, math, geography and culture. At Kids 360, we believe that given the right tools, the children are capable of grasping the most complex of concepts in their preschool years itself. As the development of the child is quite rapid below the ages of 6, their ability to grasp things, understand concepts and emotions is quite high; and every child is at a different stage of development. Hence, the emphasis is quite high on individual activities through materials, where each child is performing the activities based on the plan for them. It is due to this approach which is completely child centric that the children are able to learn and understand things

Built on good relationships and good will, Kids 360 promises to deliver quality while constantly maintaining a balance between the parents and the kids. The organization takes feedbacks from the parents for each and every thing so that Kids 360 don't miss any opportunity for its organizations growth. The skilled staff of Kids 360 meets up with the parents during the parents-teachers meeting and during each and every occasion when they meet the parents, they take their feedback in written as well as they interact with them to understand about a child’s development and status. This kind of relationship helps the organization build valuable relationships not just with parents but also with children.

Established in 2011, with 10–15 little customers, today Kids 360 has more than 60 to 65 kids with two operational centres in Bangalore. With the firm’s current emphasis on quality child growth, the firm has associated with child psychologist to take assistance on dealing with a lot of behav¬ioral issues that can be seen coming up at the young age. Kids 360 is also paying attention to the different parenting styles and the firm is also organizing various workshops for the parents to meet its objectives. In the coming year,the firm Kids 360 also holds a positive outlook towards setting up a formal school so that the children can attend primary schooling without the need of switching institutes.