iBtions Infologies: Creating Advance Ecosystem for All School Stakeholders via SchoolStuff & SchoolStore

Chintan Dave, CEO ,Kunal Kapadia, CTO

Chintan Dave, CEO

Kunal Kapadia, CTO

The school has the responsibility of ensuring that the student performs well. The successful accomplishment of this task requires that the school excels in various administrative tasks, which include management of stakeholders (students, parents, principals, staffs and teachers), pupil personnel, and finance & school community relations. With a motto to pioneer in Edutech domain and make tech-advanced administrative services available to all schools at an affordable price, School Stuff was launched by iBtions Infologies. This mobile/web-based platform plays a crucial role for all school stakeholders, where it reduces day-to-day communication gaps by providing real-time updates and notifications of student’s attendance, homework, remarks, time table, syllabus, fees, and overall progress. The tool also provides detailed analytics for better decision making.

Besides taking care of student's journey right from inquiry generation to leaving certificate production, SchoolStuff facilitates fee payment, auditing and performance evaluation of teachers & students. Its fee manager not only allows parents to pay the fee online on a single click
and acquire mReceipts on their mobile/email, but also gives accountants an overview of pending/received fee-based on overall/section/standard enabling them to easily manage fee schedule.

"Besides taking cares of student journey right from inquiry generation to leaving certificate production, School Stuff facilitates fee payment, auditing and performance evaluation of teachers & students"

Atop, SchoolStuff generates ledger report, list & daily payment statements, while smoothing fee payment and auditing process. “We have separated academic & non-academic fees wherein non-academic fees directly settle in the vendor account without involving school management and academic fees are taken by the accountant under tight supervision of higher authorities,” explains Chintan Dave, CEO, iBtions Infologies. Soon, the app is coming with EMI facility for fee payments, along with integrated e-wallet for parents to efficiently manage their child's expenses.

Another focal point of SchoolStuff is monitoring the performance of teachers, staffs and students for the principal. Whenever a chapter is taught in the class, automatically a fore quiz is forwarded to the parents where students need to answer the questions on the same day. This endorse principal in understanding the learning outcome of that respective day’s lecture for teacher, as well as students and showcases parents their child’s learning/understanding power.
A Boon for Parents
A new session, a new project or daily stationery requirements, parents have to stand in queues in bookstores keeping all their work on hold for the day. But with School Store – an integrated e-Commerce portal from iBtions that features only school-related stuffs, parents can easily buy their child’s study/project related stuffs such as books, textbook, stationary with a single click. They just need to select school & standard of their child and tap buy, and the materials are delivered at their doorstep.

SchoolStuff & SchoolStore are not just created based on assumptions; iBtions has invested around two years to gradually & organically develop them by taking inputs from each stakeholder before designing these applications. “We have identified the problems of all the stakeholders by talking to them, experiencing their job and come-up with technology solution related to their problem. Till date, we have solved admin, accountant, principal, class & subject teachers, students' & parents’ dilemmas. Currently, we are focused on making teaching & learning fun for the students with technologies like augmented& virtual reality,” adds Kunal Kapadia, CTO, iBtions Infologies. iBtions is experiencing two-fold growth and targets to tie-up with 3000 schools and expands its footprints across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and other southern states of the country by March 2020.