EduSys: Bestowing a Complete Hi-Tech Institution Management Solution

Ravinder Pulipalukuka,Managing Director

Ravinder Pulipalukula
Managing Director

From the epoch of a 'Guru ji' teaching under the pristine lap of banyan trees, the educational sector has grown into a complex industry that needs extensive interdepartmental collaboration even for minor tasks like managing attendance of the students. But an educational institution is meant to impart knowledge and not invest its precious time in managing administrative tasks. Hence, with the motto to automate administrative management and provide futuristic administrative services to educational institutions at an affordable price, EduSys was incepted in March 2017.

Banking on the advent of technologies, including Robot/AI-enabled teaching assistants, personalized learning systems, face recognition attendance system and appreciably, EduSys offers a wide range of solutions that help automate all the administrative operations of institutions – from KG to PG (Preschool/Day Care, School, College, and University). It simplifies the time-consuming activities of public, private, and international institutions, while being congruous with every board of education like International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, CBSE, and others.
EduSys’ platform integrates the complex functionalities of departmental operations like admission, account, reports, library, parents-teacher meets, attendance and many more into a simple solution that navigates institutions towards productivity and effortless administration. This cutting-edge Institution Management System enables a communication channel between all the stakeholders, including especially the student, teacher & parent trio, and even the alumni, which works as a good interaction tool and promotes a conducive learning environment.

"EduSys offers a wide range of solutions that help automate all the administrative operations of institutions – from KG to PG"

Empowering the Institutional Operations
“We commence our service delivery right from constantly monitoring and notifying (through mobile app) the activities to the parents of a child in pre-school and capturing various modules like transportation management, library management & hostel management to managing the complete day-to-day activities of students in campuses,” explains Ravinder Pulipalukuka, Managing Director, EduSys.

EduSys’ flexible & customizable solution having unique features embedded in an all-in-one application that enables the company to go beyond the boundaries to fulfil the demand in foreign countries like Gulf Countries, Nigeria, Kenya, U.S., and more. As transportation security is a major concern across the world today, EduSys offers an innovative solution for GPS tracking through its unified application, which
appreciably fulfills the demand of the Abu Dhabi & Nigerian clients, improving the safety of the students by monitoring the buses in real-time and keeping the parents updated. Another avant-garde solution offered by EduSys is AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled teaching assistance which helps with planning, personalizing, visualizing, and facilitating the learning process.

“We have LMS (Learning Management System) and OT (Online Test) that help us to provide our services ‘paperless’ and contribute towards ‘go green’ economy. In simple words, we are one step ahead towards digitalization,” asserts Ravinder. Along with these progressive ideas, EduSys also focuses on personalized learning educational approach that aims to customize learning for student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Each & every student gets a learning plan that is based on what they know and how they learn best.

A Great Mission Ahead
Validating its tagline: ‘A complete solution for Institutions’, EduSys aims to be a complete solution provider but across the globe. The organization which started two years back has now tied up with more than 500 institutions across India, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Dubai and U.S. out of which over 70 institutions are in the pilot program and will be materialized by Q1 of 2019. Currently, the organization is building a product which will be internationally renowned for its services in the educational world and is also looking forward to make its debut in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Zambia soon.