International School of Design: Imparting World Class Design Education to All Corners of India

Sunjey Aggarwal, Founder and Chairman,Pranav Raj Aggarwal, Executive Director

Sunjey Aggarwal, Founder and Chairman

Pranav Raj Aggarwal, Executive Director

The genesis of the International School of Design (INSD) dates back ten years ago back in 2011, when Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, after being involved in the education sector for well over 27 years, decided to join hands with L.V. Saptarishi the ex-Director General of NIFT, with the shared vision to create a platform where students from all across India could get access to quality education in the design space.

One of the biggest challenges of attaining education in India is that there is still a vast disparity between the metro cities and tier 1, 2, and 3 cities when it comes to getting access to quality education in design. Most often, aspirants have to move in and settle in one of the metro cities to avail such opportunities. While it's also true that small Indian cities and towns are brimming with incredible artisans and designers who lack the exposure that could potentially launch them to reach their maximum potential. And, this is why both Sunjey Aggarwal and L.V. Saptarishi felt that India needed a brand like INSD that would set up its bases across the small corners of the country, and at the same time, provide internationally acclaimed quality education.

In the past ten years, the International School of Design has grown at an extraordinary rate of encompassing over 50 campuses across all parts of India, including but not limiting to the metro cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Apart from offering a plethora of courses in Design education that range from fashion design to graphic design, INSD has also developed a unique program in luxury brand management that mainly focuses on training management students in the retail, automotive and hospitality space. The course is designed to train students to become professionals in the luxury sector. The courses at INSD, specifically the luxury brand management, open up the doors to the students residing in small towns & cities to big brand names that they could have otherwise only imagined. Over the years, INSD has built up formidable partnerships with some of the country's biggest brands, be it Porsche in the automobile sector or the DLF group in the real estate sector. With a formidable strength of 150 industry partners, INSD ensures that all its students get hands on practical experience making them industry ready to innovate, lead and thrive in the future.

Offering a Beautiful Amalgamation of International & Indian Curriculum
When it comes to availing quality education, aspirants in India always prefer the education curriculum's internationalization. This is where the International School of Design brings in a curriculum from countries such as the UK, France and USA which are at the forefront of design and fashion today. Composed of some of the oldest and most experienced faculties in the Design education space in India the faculty embeds the latest techniques and know how from the design space back into the Indian curriculum and in the process, creates a finely balanced curriculum.

INSD is not only about making its students industry ready, but the institute actively offers a platform to the students, a platform to go and study abroad at a very modest cost

INSD is not only about making its students industry ready, but the institute actively offers a platform to the students, a platform to go and study abroad at a very modest cost. Beyond the solid groundwork of longstanding industry partners in India, the International School of Design has a solid presence in countries like the USA, France, UAE, and the UK. The institute has built up tie-ups with many prestigious universities abroad, including the University of the Creative Arts a prestigious and top rated college in the UK. The programs at INSD enable students to go and study abroad in places like Dubai, Paris, Washington, London, and many more, allowing them to learn across countries and interact with some of the toprated design experts and fashionistas in the world.

Nurturing Creative Leaders & Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
What makes INSD stand apart is its heavy focus on practical training. The institution focuses on the foundation of the students by paying attention to the creative side and skills acquired during the coursework. INSD is not only teaching students how to be good designers but also teaching them how to be great professionals by instilling the values of hard work, commitment, good communication & dedication.

The institution is constantly revising its curriculum aligned to the changes of the industry through the help of industry veterans who come in from time to time to revise the curriculum. "We bring in the best minds, and the most creative thinkers who actually work around the module every year, and help our students think and innovate," reveals Pranav Raj Aggarwal, Executive Director.

Down the line, The International School of Design envisions to be ‘THE' one-stop institution for all design and luxury education requirements. The brand name INSD is already making a lot of headway in that direction, with over 50 campuses in India already, intending to open up many more campuses and ultimately reach a total of 250 institutions spread throughout the nation, reaching all corners of the Indian subcontinent. Apart from that, INSD also has plans to introduce new practical programs that would become more relevant with the industry's trends and curves each passing year.