Think And Grow Rich: Transforming Lives with Trusted Methodologies & Principles

Sidharth Shah,Founder & CEO

Sidharth Shah

Founder & CEO

Leadership is essential in every aspect of life. From making important family decisions to driving businesses and evolving with the changing times, it plays a crucial role. However, leadership is not innate to most of us. According to statistics by BloomLeaders, 63 percent of the millennials feel a lack of leadership. Though Sundar Pichai & Satya Nadella from India have proved to be great leaders, there is a real crisis of leadership within the country, mainly because of people's mindset. In view of this, institutions like Think And Grow Rich Academy are striving to evoke leaders from within and thereby shift an ordinary man into an effective leader achieving extraordinary results.

Focusing on the fundamental principle `Whatever the Mind Can Conceive & Believe; the Mind Can Achieve' it is empowering people to go beyond their realms and tap into their potential. It offers a variety of programs, seminars, and online courses that are highly effective and produce profound results by altering the mindset to consider what is possible. The academy's programs are primarily focused on making everyone a leader and help them to lead a life on their terms by following the world-class principles.

While offering Online Programs, Workshop, and Elite Personal Coaching, the company has put forth exclusives under the brand Think & Grow Rich that include Ultimate
Success Formula, Goal Achiever's Formula, Coach to A Millionaire Program, Ultimate Goal Setting Program, and Success Mindset Program. It has incorporated innovative training methodologies such as Accelerated Learning, Experiential Learning, Participative Experience, and more.

"The Most Advanced Technology support which we offer is The Power of the Mastermind. This guarantees the results in the participant's life, be it Health, Wealth, Happiness, and more. "We guide people to greater fulfilment in every aspect of life-personal, mental, emotional, and financial," says Sidharth Shah, CEO & Founder.

Transforming Lives with Trusted Methodologies & Principles
Think And Grow Rich Academy offers programs based on the world's best-selling Success Formula. The academy officially represents the Napoleon Hill Foundation, USA, to coach and train on these time-tested Principles for personal and professional success. "We directly represent The Napoleon Hill Foundation, having the exclusive license to coach and train on the world-class principles of success. Therefore, there is a huge trust by all our participants in the quality and authenticity of content which we deliver," mentions Sidharth Shah, CEO & Founder.

The company has churned out extraordinary trainers, and coaches. Coming from various backgrounds & professional experiences, the experts are true believers of these world-class principles of success and also have applied these principles in their life. They are now making a big difference in the world by coaching these principles to the participants.

The programs have assisted millions of people all across the globe to transform their lives. "We focus on shifting the paradigm and not just giving information & knowledge. We believe that motivation coupled with understanding, strengthens the belief systems and gives results. With Our Weekly Coaching Call Support, we ensure the development of winning habits to achieve results," he informs.

Looking Forward
With a greater mission to Coach 10 Million People, Think And Grow Rich Academy is performing rigorous R&D on how to innovate and upgrade the existing programs that ensure tangible results for the participants. Currently serving hundreds of participants from more than 50 different cities in India, it has observed exponential revenue growth. The company has bright plans to expand its strategies and service more.

USP: Think And Grow Academy is officially certified by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, USA, to teach the time-tested self-management system for personal and professional success.