Inforob: Ensuring Practical Learning through it Impeccable Study Curriculum

  Bhupesh Pandey,   FounderWith many initiatives being taken by the Govt. of India to reform the educational sector of the country, special attention is given to young students. By constructing well-equipped laboratories along with progressive curriculums, students are trained to get accustomed to the technology from young age. Encouraging the technical outlook of the young generation, STEAM education is not only revolutionizing the Indian education sector but also trying to bridge the much needed gaps between theoretical knowledge and industrial demands. A collaboration of four most imperative subjects of academia, STEAM represents the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics collectively. Although originated in the US, the STEAM concept is gaining quite a lot of popularity in India since the past few years. Recognizing the existing gaps in the teaching and learning methodologies, Bhupesh Pandey was eager to boost the standard of Indian education through STEAM learning. An M.Tech graduate in robotics, Bhupesh was insightful while pursuing his masters’ and along with like minded individuals established Inforob on 24th April 2019.

Unlike the other co-players of the industry who only limit themselves to provide only STEAM learning kits to the students, Inforob ensures practical learning through it by creating scenarios based on impeccable
study curriculum. The unique curriculum is specifically designed by considering the subjects with technical significance and more industry-relevant such as physics, basic electronics, robotics along with science and technology. Started with just a single program, Inforob now delivers six distinctive programs through its advanced and scientifically enriched teaching methodologies. Apart from STEAM learning, Inforob is also involved in setting up advanced laboratories in schools and colleges under the encouragement of ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ an initiative by central govt. of India.

“The first program with which we started Inforob is ielectro in which a student learns about basic electronics such as switching and home automation using stem kit and curriculum. Generally availed by students from class four, this course aims to address all the scientific experiments demonstrated in the academic textbook along with more clarity over the subject. The second program is irobo which is based on pure robotics. In this program, students learn about coding and design of robots using scratch coding. The third program is ifly in which the students learn about drone technology, UAV, and aerodynamics. The 4th program is icontroller in which the students learn the design of simple models and machines of their choice from the above mentioned programs using Arduino, Raspberry Pi or simple 8051 controllers. The fifth program is iprogram which enables the students to design customized android and laptop games using programming languages such as C, C++, and python. The sixth and the last program is idesign which is about creating 2D and 3D models relevant to the other programs using a 3D printer.” says Bhupesh Pandey, Founder, Inforob.

With a team of experienced professionals all belonging to the background of Computer Science, Electronics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and mechatronics, inforob is exposing the students to various national and international robotics competitions to boost their learning ability. Encouraging the learners to explore the various dimensions of STEAM education ratherthan just a hobby, inforobmotivates them to make a career in the field as junior engineers by bestowing numerous platforms to showcase their talents. Highlighting the future journey of inforob, Bhupesh quotes, “Apart from students from the rural parts of India, we are trying to take our company into an international scenario. We have started working with peoples from Chinaand Guatemala. We are thinking about launching a program for kindergarten students where they can learn about basic things such as addition, subtraction, musical and communication which will teach them how to interact properly with a different person. We are planning to introduce a few more lessons to upgrade STEAM education. Soon we are going to launch a Machine Learning Program which is about Artificial Intelligence-based robots.”