i Level Kids: Fostering Experiential Learning for the Holistic Child Development

Pramod Karnati, Founder & Managing Director,Ravi Mantha, Founder & Chairperson

Pramod Karnati, Founder & Managing Director

Ravi Mantha, Founder & Chairperson

Researches infer that the first five years (0-2000 days) are critically important for a child’s development. Hence, it is important that the child is given an innovative plinth where their imagination takes them beyond the sky, rather than following the usual curriculum that restricts every child to think on a similar pattern. Understanding that early childhood education is a major step for a child’s long term success in school and in life, Secunderabad based pre-school and daycare center - i Level Kids emphasizes on the experiential learning module. This unique model helps kids grow physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally sound, socially competent and ready to learn in their early age.

Furnishing the Early Golden days
i Level Kids focuses on the allround development of a child, refining the nine skillsets listening, speaking, reading, writing, grossmotor, finemotors, personal, social & emotional, creative, and maths. “Several parents in our society consider it too early for their one/two years old child to start learning these motor skills. But we stress on changing their mindset by making them aware that early learning experiences provide the base for the child’s brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout life,” posits Pramod Karnati, Founder & Managing Director, i Level Kids.

Hence, the curriculum at i Level Kids is a prudent combination of academic supremacy and extra curricular activities, making the child ready for this contemporary cosmos.
The pre admission process starts with the child understanding process, where the counsellors or coaches measure the skill level of the children through an interaction with the child and the parents individually, based on which bespoke curriculum is crafted for every child to fill the gap. “We give a clear cut agenda to the parents as to what their kid is going to take home on a daily and weekly basis,” explains Ravi Mantha, Founder & Chairperson, i Level Kids.

i Level Kids follows‘5 i’'learning methodology, which is quite fun & engaging, and involves activities like story narration, rhymes, painting, and other academic programs

Classifying its pre-school into Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G, i Level Kids has digitally equipped classrooms to foster early education, but with emphasis on listening rather than observing on these digital frontiers, which usually restricts their creative/ imagination thinking. However, to promote experiential learning, i Level Kids follows ‘5i’ learning methodology,which is quite fun & engaging, and involves activities like story narration, rhymes, painting, and other academic programs. Rather than infusing fear to learn, the pre-school has introduced ‘Reward Bee bucks’loyalty program to encourage children to learn and perform the activities enthusiastically, while also involves parents to bring their creative side to their kids to inspire them.

Ravi Mantha, Founder & Chairperson

Emphasizing heavily on hygienic, safe & secure setting for children where they can develop and communicate confidently, i Level Kids’ daycare and preschool is under CCTV surveillance, with limited access to parents to monitor their kids. Pramod says, “We admit kids from the age of two & a half years, proffering appropriate activities/programs irrespective of age. We also provide them healthy breakfast to ensure their nutrition intake”.

Established in 2018, this one-year old pre school is growing pretty interestingly and even offers EMI facilities to parents to deposit fees. Currently with one pre-school at Padmaraonagar, Secunderabad, i Level desires to grow by emerging on a broader base with at least 200 franchise playschools in the coming days.