Hima Mal: Guiding Students Through Self Discovery & Beyond

Hima Mal,  Founder & Principal Coach

Hima Mal

Founder & Principal Coach

Most of the students feel lost in the vast ocean of career possibi-lities. The burning question, ‘What is my purpose?’ lingers, often unanswered, leading to years of frustrated searching, uncertainty, and wrong choices. What if there is an expert guiding hand to help you discover a career path that aligns with your authentic self? Making you identify and achieve your dreams is the vision behind Ikigaii Education Services founded by Hima Mal. Ikigaii empowers individuals with comprehensive services like profile building, career counseling, admission guidance, and test preparation. Highlighting the company’s and Hima Mal’s competency, Sanya Sharma of St. Thomas, Delhi shared, “The team at Ikigaii is simply outstanding. Their dedication, support, and expertise were unwavering, from selecting universities to preparing for interviews".

With over 25 years of experience working with high school students, Hima is on a mission to help people discover their unique ‘ikigai’ – purpose, passion, vocation, and profession. While being a Masters in Economics, Hima has a natural inclination toward counseling. She has also been a go-to person for advice in her circle. Throughout her journey of two decades, she's honed her skills in research, leadership, and education, working with esteemed institutions like the UN, USIS, and other global organizations. This global exposure and her varied experiences have equipped her with a unique perspective on education and career development.

Expertise in Empowering

Hima Mal brings a vibrant and inspiring human dimension to the other wise detached and mechanical process of career counseling. She is a people person, her approachable and reliable personality puts people at ease, providing a comfortable space for open communication. This
personalized and people-centric approach complements her subject matter expertise allowing her to connect deeply with clients, understand them, and provide tailored solutions. By fostering open communication and cultivating trust-based relationships, Hima provides personalized guidance to help students pursue their dreams with clarity and confidence. One of the successful students, Tanmay Raswant from Lotus Valley International shared, “I owe my successful study abroad appli-cation to Ikigaii. Its application support was thorough and tailored to my unique needs”.

Ikigaii Education Services conducts various programs to enhance career counseling, like organizing subject specific career fairs and university-specific sessions, both online and in institutions. These sessions feature representatives from esteemed institutions like Cambridge, Imperial, U Toronto, Waterloo and more; as well as alumni from Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and Caltech, among others. Aashi Prayas, Gems International School affirms, “Ikigaii's unparalleled expertise in International Relations guided me to secure admission to my dream college”.

One of Many Success Stories, More to Come

While uncertain about career path, Ikigaii helped Rahul (name changed), get admission to his dream universities – UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Toronto, and Imperial College. Now excelling in engineering at the University of Toronto, Rahul's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Ikigaii's guidance.

Ikigaii advocates self-discovery, empowerment, & helps achieve one's true potential

Ikigaii's signature four step model Explore, Identify, Plan, and Accomplish helps students with self-discovery and strategic planning. They empower students to achieve their goals with clarity, confidence, and purpose by exploring diverse options. Hima advises, “Understand your interests, strengths, and values. Be aware of biases, societal pressures, or family expectations. Career development can be uncertain, so actively craft your own paths in an everchanging and challenging world”.

Hima stays connected with young minds and conducts in-school sessions starting from grade nine to foster intellectual vitality and build strong academic profiles. Moreover, Ikigaii operates as a paper-free office, supports women's employment, and engages students in social impact projects. Looking ahead, Hima envisions to expand Ikigaii's reach and impact lives while maintaining personalized guidance and the highest standards of professionalism.