Griffins International School: World-Class Education &Sophisticated Infrastructure for Holistic Development

AbhishekYadav,Founder & Chairman


Founder & Chairman

An international school is synonym for world-class education with plenty of amenities. It is observed that the learning environment and culture go hand-in-hand with the curriculum in enriching the quality of education imparted to students. Raising the bar a notch, Griffins International School is an exemplary of encompassing a varied curriculum based on NCF 2005 with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and sports amenities, which helps it to provide significant opportunities to its students. Spread over a sprawling 14 acre lush green campus, it houses a 200 metre athletic track, Olympic standard swimming pool (splash pool for preprimary), separate play grounds for football, basketball, volleyball, badminton court and lawn tennis court and indoor sports facilities. Uncompromising on safety, the campus is CCTV enabled with security guards at all times.In fact,even the school buses are secure with CCTV and GPS tracking systems.

With a student-centric model for academics, this new-age school uses the Howard Garner’s theory of ‘Multiple Intelligence’ (linguistic, logical, naturalistic, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, inter-personal and intra-personal) to make a profound impact on thinking and practice. Griffins is the first
school in the district to introduce Apple Education Program in school using LED TVs, Apple TVs and iPads installed in all the classrooms. The school houses a resource center that has a well equipped library with over 3000 books and a spacious composite lab for Science, Math, English and Robotics. “At Griffins, emphasis is to provide individual as well as group learning spaces to the children to nucleate the learning process in the campus. The building acts as the catalyst in the complete learning process and compliments the overall concept of providing opportunities for holistic development to the budding scholars,” asserts Abhishek Yadav, Founder & Chairman, Griffins.

Griffins is the first school in the district to introduce Apple Education Program in school using LED TVs, Apple TVs and iPads installed in all the classrooms

Affiliating with Leading Education Service Providers
With an intention to provide the best for its students, Griffins has collaborated with leading education service providers. While NIIT provides top-notch School Management Software and engages the students in Math, English &Computer labs, Strate gum Eduserve helps in developing the school’s instructional framework such as innovative training practices and enhancement of systems. The school has also partnered with 'Edu Sports' for its Active Kidz program which is designed for the
pre primary kids to develop fundamental motor skills and healthy habits by creating engaging sports with the principles of inclusiveness and age-appropriateness.

Teaching Methodologies & Practices
Griffins recruits its teachers after intensive screening and selection process and provides regular training programs to keep them updated with new teaching methodologies and unique academic practices. With various programs such as Home PTM, School Parliament, Wisdom Series, Parent & Community Engagement Programs and others, the school enables students to develop skills and teachers to assess student’s performance while pro-actively engage with their parents for holistic development.

Its rigorous assessment and project based learning method helps students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period to investigate and respond to challenges, while activity-based learning fosters self-learning in accordance with the student’s aptitude & skill. Work sheets are a regular learning tool with its own intrinsic advantage in learning.Giving prominence to extra-curricular activities, the school encourages its students’ latent talents through diverse extra-curricular clubs such as music (vocal & instrumental), visual art, drama, dance, and photography which is seamlessly integrated with their academics. In the near future, the school envisions having a full-fledged residential campus and an exchange program to invite education seekers across South Asia and to provide the budding scholars the right exposure required for 21st century education.