Gold Business Tourism: Inviting you to Experience the Wonders of Educational & Business Trips at Israel

Ron Marshak, VP - Marketing,Ben Goldberg, Founder & CEO

Ron Marshak, VP - Marketing

Ben Goldberg, Founder & CEO

In recent years, Israel has grown into one of the world's most advanced countries. Its innovative successes in agricultural & technological fields are now proving to be one of the country's biggest assets, earning the vivid interest of the innovation communities worldwide. This has fueled the growth of the country's educational tourism industry significantly. Making hay, Gold Business Tourism, a Mumbai-based company, has emerged as a one-stop-shop business & educational tour service provider for the students, entrepreneurs & delegates from India, US, Europe, China & Africa.

Renowned for tailoring effective customized programs for Business, Educational, Religious & Leisure travel purposes, this international brand is proficient in designing India-oriented programs and deploys its own people (guides, drivers and so forth) who are well-aware of identifying the diverse cultures in various parts of In-dia. Possessing the in-house capability to manage everything necessary for good hosting, Gold Business Tourism minimizes the cultural barrier between India & Israel by paying attention to every minute detail. "We build, design & customize the complete content from departure to arrival along with clients to build a sleek travel plan. We're always in touch and gladly answer all the questions to ensure that their experience in Israel surpasses their expectations," asserts Ron Marshak, VP -
Marketing, Gold Business Tourism, and the former special advisor for the Ambassador of India in Israel.

The company doesn't stop with providing the guests with accommodation, food, transportation & tour guides, but also makes additional arrangements like lectures & seminars that are relevant for Indian market and special meetings with professors, entrepreneurs, doctors or even some Israeli key leaders that help them garner unique information that isn't easily accessible, leveraging its tie-ups with universities & corporates. On the business side, Gold Business Tourism arranges dedicated seminars for budding entrepreneurs on how to develop an idea A-Z and for mid-level managers on renovating their companies. Ron says, "We are the only company which analyzes & customizes the trip at a very reasonable price with such wide range of hosting services".

We are the only company which analyzes & customizes the trip at a very reasonable price with such wide range of hosting services

Innovations Galore
Besides exposing the students to cutting-edge technologies like cyber forensics, AI and robotics, the company also showcases the ingenious agricultural skills of Israel to the visitors. Boasting about its agricultural innovations, Ron, says, "We see our agricultural lands as research centers, where our farmers keep on experimenting new methods". The company gives students the opportunity to visualize various tips & tricks of agriculture to plough & irrigate the land and con-ducts various seminars to give significant information about various agricultural sectors like Dairy, Poultry, and a lot more. Apart from offering participation certificate to the students, it also provides them global certificate if they complete its training programs, which can be used as credit points.

Growing linearly over the past five years with its offices in Mumbai & Shanghai as well, the company brings over 2500 Chinese visitors annually for seminars, business meetings & tourism and cultural experiences. With its firm foot to walk on this road, Gold Business tourism is all set to build strong relation with the Indian & African markets, hire more Indian trip representatives and create more growth opportunities in the coming years. "We aim to establish Gold Business Tourism as a trustworthy brand in the Indian market that serves as the bridge between India and Israel, addressing all their requirements related to Israel visit," concludes Ron.