Atlantis Erudition & Travel Services: Conducting Bespoke International Education Programs & Once in a Lifetime Learning Experiences

Abhishek Agrawal, Founder & Director,Pallavi Agarwal, Director

Abhishek Agrawal, Founder & Director

Pallavi Agarwal, Director

Travelling holds a unique educational value in itself. It not only expands one's knowledge perimeter, but also helps in knowledge retention through experiential learning. Considering the receptive mind of young travelers, an educational tour can be more than just a memorable school trip. Thus, rather than acting as mere tour planners, being educators at heart, Atlantis Erudition & Travel Services is conducting experiential education programs that engage young participants by delivering carefully designed curriculums that are thoughtfully enhanced with engaging activities at venues across the globe. This unique concept was devised by Atlantis Research during the company's debut in 2008. It was then the sole provider of advanced STEM education camps at NASA for visiting students from India. Later in 2012, it expanded its service portfolio by proffering under the brand ­ Atlantis Educational Tour Services, bespoke trips to NASA's primary launch center of human spaceflights at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). This standalone program presented Atlantis with a cutting edge over other leading players in the industry. Currently, the NASA trips are conducted as Space Trek campaigns at its office at KSC with three distinct specialist programs ­ Mission Robotics, Rocketry and Near Space Investigation.

Abhishek Agrawal, Founder & Director, Atlantis Erudition & Travel Services, states,
"We use a lot of technologies for Rocketry and Near Space Investigation which are developed at our indigenous lab at KSC". At KSC's visitor complex, the students can enjoy lunch with an astronaut, the extraordinary opportunity of viewing the space shuttle Atlantis exhibits, a simulated shuttle launch experience, KSC Up-Close Explore Tour (optional) and breath taking IMAX cinema shows. Offering highly customizable programs, Atlantis tailors itineraries with each prospective school. They are also able to extend the tour package to include visits to east and west coast cities of the US. This includes theme park visits, a trip to New York, a day at Washington DC's national monuments, The White House and much more. Atlantis provides expert guidance for clients in properly defining the education goal, choosing the destination country, definitive budget plans, prerequisites and timelines.

Maintaining diversity in its educational programs, Atlantis has devised specific products focusing on culture, art and literature. Capturing the essence of the English renaissance, the educational tour to the UK comprises of visits to historic places, a complete tour of London, Shakespeare's house and other significant localities. Whilst for Europe (Switzerland, Italy, France & Germany), there are tour programs broadly based on art, history, and technology. Starting from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) to the iconic Eiffel tower of Paris, the educational goals are enhanced by rich and unforgettable cultural experiences. So too, one of the oldest sciences is aptly handled by Atlantis. The Astronomy, Sciences & Personal Development Camp (AstroTrek) is conducted in the Himalayas under pristine night skies, while for those groups seeking adventure sports camps, they offer Alps Expedition which involves plummeting the White Mountains with expert guidance.

Atlantis utilizes the services of tour directors who have over 10 years of experience in serving their clients. Furthermore, our competent team of professional tour guides maintain the student-chaperone ratio. They have the capacity to render turnkey client services starting from visa formalities, insurance, forex, safe accommodation, and hygienic food provisions. Importantly, maintaining the principle features consistently such as three-star hotels, a fixed brand of airlines, transport services & attractions, Atlantis is constantly monitoring services and upgrading itineraries & activities to keep the quality of service and embedded curriculums more engaging for the students. The aforementioned are conducted in association with trusted partner companies and organizations. Thus, the safety and security of the entire group is a prioritized consideration during all operations. Unsurprisingly, the company's quality sensitive and client-centric services have marked a strong foothold in the educational tour industry as a whole.