Gigglezz Preschool: Bespoke Pre-Schooling Ensuring Overall Pedagogy

Poornima Prabhakar,Founder & CEO

Poornima Prabhakar

Founder & CEO

The swiftly transforming Indian education sector is forecasted to show 18 percent CAGR during the period 2020-2024. Realizing the importance of early childhood education & an ever increasing inclination of parents toward developing cognitive & language skills of their children during formative years has persuaded them to spend on high quality services offered at playschools. Besides, the growing concern regarding child security & curriculum authenticity calls for services such as personalized education programs, secure access systems & realtime CCTV access, that generally only playschools provide.

Born out of passion of the renowned media person, educationist & entrepreneur, Poornima Prabhakar, Gigglezz Preschool is one such preschool that pays the highest priority to the quality of education through combination of international curriculum & Indian-value system, and co-curricular activities designed to shape the personality of children. This also helps develop socio emotional learning; thus ensuring academic excellence while providing adequate opportunities to build multiple intelligence.

A Curriculum Ensuring Overall Pedagogy
Endowing equal attention to every child, Gigglezz leverages Montessori methodology besides STEAM & experiential learning techniques to create maximum impact. Since teachers are the key people leading learning
& development process, only individuals with the right mindset, qualification & relevant experience are recruited & trained at the preschool. Equipped with all desirable amenities, the preschool maintains a well stocked library with appropriate books for young minds, digital learning arrangements including smart boards, and activity kits for mathematics, language and EVS from renowned brands evidently, the preschool brings the best available resources for its students sans extra burden to parents.

Gigglezz Preschool is one such preschool that pays the highest priority to the quality of education through combination of international curriculum & Indian-value system

Besides implementing a curriculum designed by ECCE experts, a lot of outdoor activities like visits to vegetable market, fire station, shopping malls and other sites are conducted by the preschool, which not only facilitate learning but also helps students gain real life experience. A preschool where parents are not interviewed but counseled & admission process is quick & simple, Gigglezz is quickly gaining ground among the parent community.

A Franchise that Extracts no Royalties
Speaking of the brain behind the preschool body, Poornima considers each child as an individual. A passionate mentor unearthing & cultivating the potential of all her students through creative, stimulating & exclusive channels, she has spent a large part of her career evolving unrivaled curriculums to foster the individual needs of a child to mould him/her into an exclusive person. It is because of her eminent standards that Gigglezz Preschool is graded amongst the best preschools in India. Awards like India School Merit Award for exceptional co-curricular education, GIWL Award for women entrepreneur of the year, and GIWL Award for best organization for women empowerment all reflect her brilliance & prowess.

Thus, with an intention to make its tested & proven pre-schooling available to a vast demography, Gigglezz offers attractive franchisee opportunity to enthusiastic educators without charging any royalties. Hence with minimum capital & infrastructure investment, an entrepreneur can set up a franchisee that bestows ultra high returns! Marked by its extensive assistance, R&D, marketing & support to its franchisee from day one until they become successful, Gigglezz has grown from a small preschool to a leading potential preschool brand. The preschool envisions further expansion across Karnataka in the next five years.