Fun Rangers: Activating 'STEAM' Curriculum for Pre - Primary Education

Satnam Singh Sandhu & Jasveer Kaur Sandhu, Directors, Dilip Kumar Mishra, CEOAbout a decade back, early childcare units was truly dominated by the concept of creche or similar informal arrangements in serving the needs of the people belonging from busy socioeconomic sects. Breathing in a fast-paced technological era, educators today are taking their turn for an edgy transform to cater this highly unorganized sector with more structured reform in this pre primary education domain. Fun Rangers is one such first-in-class organization offering preschool education with a technological bent. This reform was adored by the parents and within a year, it has set up 22 franchise establishments across India under the brand name Fun Rangers.

A professional partner of National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC, Fun Rangers is the first Preschool organization to enable ‘STEAM’(science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) in the curriculum. This integrated prospectus provided an extra edge to opportune a rich academic foundation in promoting independence, decision making, co-operation, creativityand problem solving capacities for the young minds. Dilip Mishra, CEO, Fun Rangers, states “In keeping the learning more engaging, we are using tablets where the kids have access to games, helping them to learn how to read, solve simple math problems and more”.
Child safety being a rising issue in today’s date to avoid any mischances, Fun Rangers has enabled lot of safety verticals to fend-off the parental concerns. Since arrival to drop at the bus stop, it provides realtime updates to the child’s parents. The security measures start right from the admission process where, along with the parents, photos and other details of the guardians & relatives are also taken into account. If someone else is picking up the child from the school or the bus stop, Fun Rangers has face recognition system to detect the right person before the child leaves the premises/bus stop. Even the school cabs comprise vehicle tracking devices, to assure water tight security for the child.

A professional partner of NAEYC, Fun Rangers is the first Preschool organization to enable ‘STEAM’ in the curriculum

A Franchise worth Investing in
Who won’t like to have such a preschool at their locality? For the eduprenuers who want to own a franchisee unit of Fun Rangers can surely depend on the efficient Fun Rangers’ team who will help you to run a successful business at your locality. Right from site selection, agreement, interior & exterior designing (tie-ups with vendors PAN India to perform the work) to teacher recruitment & marketing, the school assists though all such processes. Plus, it will provide a 100 admission enquiry through activities performed at school, newspaper advertisement, digital marketing, social media support to generate the leads for the franchise unit, unlike any other brand in the market.

The basic franchise requirements comprise a space of around 1,500-2,500 sq.ft. (ground floor) with a total investment of Rs.8-12 lakh and some additive amounts for the school setup like furniture, fixtures, smart labs and STEAM labs, life-skills labs and others. Post construction, the established units are visited by Fun Rangers’inhouse experts to scrutinize the nittygritty of the franchisee unit. Post this, Fun Rangers starts working on admission and staff recruitment.

Using job portals and various medias, the school selects certified teachers who are interviewed by the HR team and posted to the franchise units post rounds of other interviews. Further, teacher trainings are held bi annually where international bodies visit the centres to train them time to time. No wonder, Fun Rangers is enjoying a stellar growth in the market and is about to open 200 more schools in next two years.