VISION 30 CLASS: Grooming Young Brains Towards Fulfilling their Future Career Aspirations

Prashant Nath,VP - Business Operations

Prashant Nath

VP - Business Operations

Race and competition are two synonyms for success in today’s highly competitive scenario. Today, an increasing number of youth in India are inclined towards pursuing medicine and engineering entrance exams to both serve society and also play their part in the country’s holistic growth. The peer pressure and parent’s persistent efforts in achieving top spot in merit list boosts the candidate’s ambitious spirit. As a result, in the competitive exams coaching market witnesses a widespread demand today in India. As per a recent study, the test preparation market in India is expected to reach Rs. 1,032.79 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 23.24 percent during 2023-2027. Thus, the element of coaching is constantly progressing.

Currently, there is a very intense competition in terms of engineering and medical entrance exams in India, wherein over 14 lakh students attempt JEE for the mere 40,000 seats, and over 21 lakh students compete with each other for the 60,000 medical seats currently available in India. Among the multitude of exam coaching centers currently operating in the country for the preparation of NEET JEE, VISION30 Class stands out from its competitors due to its impeccable faculty, vigorous training, and thriving student performances in various exams. Founded in 2017 by a group IIT Delhi students, VISION30 aims to provide unbiased opportunity, insights, and advantages to future professionals. True to its name, VISION30 Class sternly goes by quality over quantity and makes sure to have no more than 30 learners in a class. This offline landscape has an impressive success rate, where in every fifth individual cracks the engineering/medical milestone.

“Coaching industry in India has grown multifolds, and tutoring has successfully penetrated in India now due to the rampant competition. The key to the success of our brand is the personal individualistic attention given to all 30 students of a class, along with our undivided focus, doubt resolution, and result-oriented teaching methods of our experts”, quotes Prashant Nath, VP - Business Operations, who has himself has achieved all-India ranks of 55, 72 & 1868 in various medical entrance exams and has even reached UPSC interviews two times.
Catering to young minds has been the top priority of VISION30, wherein it is raising the standards with constant motivational mentorship, strategic learning of a magnanimous syllabus, research and development cell, research analysis, student monitoring, and effective exam preparation strategy consisting of finer time management, and well-researched comprehensive own learning resources. Additionally, the key drivers in this regard are the team of subject matter experts mostly comprising of IITians and Gold medallist graduates & doctors who have rigorous training and a minimum of 15 years of coaching experience, topped with exceptional interpersonal skills.

“We select the brightest brains of the country with diverse backgrounds as our faculty and each of them are determined to show a promising path by imparting efficient professional practices that are essential in today’s globalized world. We make since efforts to help you achieve your dreams by helping you realize your absolute potential through intensive study sessions, personal attention, and regular assessments. We promise to give our students nothing short of the best by following stringent quality procedures to help us deliver the course most effectively with a focus on relevance and excellence”, elucidates Prashant.

We make your dreams come true by helping you realize your absolute potential through intensive study sessions, personal attention, and regular assessments

What sets VISION30 Class apart from its competitors is exceptional ability to reshape every student by giving individual attention to each of them so that none of them face any difficulty in grasping any concept. Additionally, the platform successfully connects and engages personally with the students in multiple dimensions until the concept is completely comprehended. Furthermore, it improvises the process by embracing 3D videos and smart board power point demonstrations in exploring the indepth concepts of subjects. As a result of this, 42 candidates have effectively bagged their MBBS government seats in 2023 NEET exam.

“The faculty mandatorily should have cleared the exam as they would know the tactics of time and tricks of the syllabus. An extraordinary teacher besides being knowledgeable should have tremendous interpersonal skills to connect and build bonds with the child. Also, our smart classrooms are equipped with VR tools & smartboards to ensure that our students grasp the concepts in the most efficient way possible. To date, over 600 doctors and engineers have been successfully advanced from VISION30 Class”, adds Prashant proudly.

NEET/JEE coaching centers play a vital role in mentoring and leading aspiring engineers & doctors. Thus, VISION30 Class not only produces remarkable results but also succeeds in an integral approach. While valuing hopefulness and possibility, this inspiring block opens up the market by franchising business models with potential of rooting remarkable education in society’s overall welfare by providing them with premium resources and accessible support. By consistent evolving efforts, it aims to have centers across 60 locations by 2030.