Rishi Academy Of Competitive Exams: Next-Gen Risk Intelligence & Regulatory Compliance Solutions to the Banking & Financial Services Industry

  Dr. G.S Giridhar,     ChairmanThe concept of a structured and focused learning environment has become an integral part of the education system in India. This is because coaching in the form of supportive and collaborative expert guidance is necessary for students to help them survive in competitions, achieve academic & professional goals, and succeed in future endeavors. Understanding the evolving competition in the education industry, Dr. G.S Giridhar established Rishi Academy of Competitive Exams (RACE) and began providing a wealth of benefits for students preparing for competitive exams. Dr. Giridhar's decision to establish RACE was driven by his observations of the shortcomings in existing training institutions and the demands from students seeking result-oriented teaching. Through RACE, he has created a platform that focuses on providing the best possible education, leveraging innovative teaching methods, and fostering a collaborative learning environment. As RACE continues to make strides in revolutionizing education, it serves as an inspiration to educators and students alike, paving the way for a more effective and impactful approach to learning.

RACE focuses on equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies required to excel in the competitive exams. The specialization is manifested through a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential topics and concepts required for competitive exams, and materials designed by experienced professionals highly qualified
and expert faculty who bring their expertise and indepth knowledge to the classroom following a personalized approach to coaching, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses, and providing students with effective guidance and mentorship teaching students effective exam-specific techniques and strategies optimizing their performance in exams, this includes time management skills, question solving approaches, and test taking strategies.

Rishi Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to create an optimal learning environment. Its classrooms are equipped with audio visual aids and technological tools that enhance the teaching and learning experience. It provides placement assistance and guidance to students, connecting them with job opportunities and internships.

Growth Journey
Rishi Academy has been quite successful since its establishment in 2007. Over the years, RACE has trained thousands of students for various competitive exams, particularly in the fields of banking, SSC (Staff Selection Commission), railways, and other government examinations. Many students who have undergone training at RACE have successfully secured positions in government organizations, which highlight the effectiveness of the institution's teaching methods and resources. In recognition of its outstanding performance, the academy has received multiple honors and awards as the Best Training Institution for Competitive Examinations.

Future Roadmap
Rishi Academy holds the vision to expand its operations across all states of India and become the leading institute renowned for providing exceptional coaching services, implementing innovative teaching methodologies, and facilitating effortless learning for students aspiring to excel in competitive exams. Its future blueprint includes course diversification and infrastructure, strengthening its online presence through effective brand marketing, and developing a franchise program, including guidelines for selecting franchisees, training modules, and ongoing support to maintain brand consistency. It aims to allocate resources for continuous research and development to stay updated with the evolving trends and patterns of competitive exams. And implement robust quality assurance measures, such as regular faculty training, internal audits, and periodic evaluations, to maintain the highest standards of education across all branches.

RACE’s commitment to quality education and success-oriented approach, and its Chairman, Dr. Giridhar's 25+ years of rich experience in the industry makes a significant difference and sets it apart in the competitive exams coaching industry.