Tour de India Holidays: Presenting Phenomenal Educational Voyages

Prabhu D,Managing Director

Prabhu D

Managing Director

The educational tour industry has been travelling with the wild pace of technological advancement and has contributed in interaction of several people across the globe. Millions of enthusiasts visit across the world every year to discover their skill of experimental learning. In order to prepare students for this fiercely competitive world, such trips are much needed. Educational trips are not merely a sightseeing experience; it's something beyond that. It invites the students to actively engage in the local custom or tradition of a place, promotes them to interact with other people, and helps in developing new skill to understand the other side of the world. This is why the education tour industry is growing big with participation from Universities, Schools and even Institutes.

With its years of experience in the travel industry, Tour de India Holidays is the ideal one-stop-shop for all educational travel requirements. This Erode, Tamil Nadu based company was established in 2014 and since then has been providing bespoke educational tour packages across the globe that fit every school's, university's and institution's excursion needs, yet are completely safe & secure. It provides a combination of tours, sight visits, and hands-on learning
opportunities for students to build their inter-personal skill. Tour de India has an expert team of guides who specialize in educational trips offering immaculate guidance to students as per their requirement. Well versed with the place, history and the narrative of the trip purpose, these guides make the whole experience worthwhile.

Unlike other tour operators who fill the itinerary with travel destinations leaving the other important aspects like food choices aside, Tour de India offers a sleek travel plan that also comprises of the food choices that students prefer to have. "Such trips aren't a day's affair, and hence food is always an issue especially in foreign lands. It is our expertise to plan the itinerary not only with the best travel destinations, but also with the student's food choice, medical services and lodging, which really makes us unique in the industry," asserts Prabhu D, Director, Tour de India Holidays.

It is our expertise to plan the itinerary not only with the best travel destinations but also with the student's food choice, medical services and lodging

He further adds, "Our event trips are generally decided seeing the itineraries. Everything is listed in the planner and the event goes according". Every educational trip is planned considering the location, place, weather, college/institute, branch, as well as the budget of travelers, and post every necessary checks by the trip assistants. Apart from educational trips, Tour de India also provides various travel packages, honeymoon packages, pilgrimage packages and many more. Prabhu adds, "The best education I have ever received was through travel".

Achievements & Challenges
Today, educational tourism is gaining momentum because of the enhancement of informal learning. The trend will continue further, thus providing more opportunities to the industry to help students explore the unknown world. With firm foots to walk on this road, Tour de India Holidays is all set to hire additional educational trip advisors and create more growth opportunities by including more places in its packages. Clocking a revenue of Rs.10-15 lakh from the educational trips itself, the company is all set to expand its line of products & services to serve larger client base.