Dr. Arpita Dutta: Offering an Impeccable Coaching Guidance for Executive Gamut in Corporates

  Dr. Arpita Dutta,     Executive Coach

Dr. Arpita Dutta

Executive Coach

Due to intense competition permeating the business, corporate, and industrial sectors, leadership has become increasingly challenging over time. The ongoing evolution of market trends, coupled with global influences affecting organizational behaviour, places a significant responsibility on today's corporate leaders to enhance work culture and achieve organizational goals. Consequently, executive coaching is gaining substantial traction to navigate and thrive in this volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and dynamic (VUCA-D) world.

Dr. Arpita Dutta is a renowned name in the executive coaching industry in India, bringing an extensive range of experience of over two decades. Being a human resource professional, she understands the pulse of the corporate world & workforce, hence realizes that Talent management is an ongoing process. Dr. Arpita says, “Only book knowledge doesn't help you to move forward as an executive coach. Instead, it’s the knowledge gained through experience that helps in the journey of coaching. Executive coaching is not just for less experienced individuals but also for those with a wealth of experience surpassing your own”.

Today, everyone, from students to top leaders, needs an executive coach to help them better navigate through their life trajectories and fill professional performance gaps. Educationally being an engineer, but professionally, a Doctor of Excellence (HC) in Human Resource Management (published many research papers and articles, guided
PG students and PhD scholars on projects and dissertations), certified Corporate Director, ICF & ABNLP certified coach, Master trainer, Super Speaker Top 500 (from lakhs of registrants), Academic Advisor, Mentor, NLP practitioner, e-Learning specialist, and Assessment specialist, followed by certifications in psychometric assessment tools and more, Dr. Arpita offers assessments, and skill development through campus to corporate programs, leadership journeys and labs, coaching and business simulations.

Cherryskillz Learning aspires to make every individual realize their strengths, opportunities, areas of development, & challenges, leading them to reap results, thereby scaling performance levels & achieving organizational goals

She has done multiple programs as a coach for MNCs, for mid to senior leaders of some of the big organizations, and for B school/university students. It is her definitive coaching approach that keeps getting her repeat business from the same clients. The purpose of her coaching programs is not only to polish one’s potential to the maximum but also to cultivate a continuous and personalized growth journey for individuals and build a quality and performing team.

Dr. Arpita shares, “Coaching is much in demand. Generic things can be addressed through training, workshops, seminars, lectures, and more. But if it's something very specific, then it needs to be addressed at a coach-coachee level”. Thus, Cherryskillz Learning aspires to make every individual realize their strengths, opportunities, areas of development, and challenges, leading them to reap results, thereby scaling performance levels and achieving organizational goals.

Accomplishing its mission and vision, Cherryskillz Learning, since its inception in 2018, has won several awards and recognitions, including the Startup India Recognition Certificate from the Government of India for skill development, the MSME award, and Exemplary Learning professional award from prestigious bodies, and more. As a promising corporate and academia coaching partner, it depicts global learning and development experience to its clients, “Our programs and projects are highly personalized, and we collaborate with cuttingedge technologies like AI to serve all experience levels. The multi-modal and experiential learning interventions provided along the course of our learning journeys and programs are highly cost-effective and productive for business purposes. We aspire to consistently empower young minds and leaders in the future by introducing innovative and tailor-made solutions through our coaching programs”, signs off Dr. Arpita.