Deeksha STEM School: Imparting Knowledge Beyond Textbooks

Dr. Sridhar G,  FounderWith the advancement in the education system worldwide, the Indian education system is changing in tandem. The Indian education structure is witnessing the emergence of the STEM curriculum that helps students develop scientific aptitude besides technical and 21st century skills. In a radical departure from the conventional educational methodology, the STEM educational philosophy at Deeksha STEM School encourages self-learning & innovation and cultivates an aptitude for pure and applied sciences from an early age. It also helps children imbibe creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and entrepreneurship.

“In the long term, the STEM schools are poised to become the fountainhead of the educational revolution by developing and refining the educational approach, curriculum, and pedagogy, through a well structured mechanism of research, development, and feedback. The educational frameworks thus developed will be shared with other educational institutions. Deeksha STEM Schools plan to collaborate with 10 schools in the coming academic year and with as many as 1000 schools over the course of five years. The academic ecosystem of STEM education at the school is built on pedagogical approaches like Enquiry Based learning(EBL), Project Based Learning(PBL) and Learning By Design(LBD)and adheres to CBSE curriculum which is delivered through these progressive

approaches”,says Dr. Sridhar G, Founder, Deeksha STEM School.

Deeksha STEM Schools uphold the legacy of Deeksha which is synonymous with holistic learning i.e. integration of conventional education with skills and child well being. The nation needs a generation that is equipped with the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn in the 21st-century industrial context. “Deeksha STEM School is committed to this great objective. Unbiased assessments by teachers focus on testing knowledge comprehension and synthesis of the concepts rather than t h e ability to memorize information. Formative, summative and project based assessments make up the assessment framework”, says Lalit Sridhar, Co-Founder of Deeksha STEM School.

STEM educational methodology drives academic excellence by developing an intrinsic motivation to explore and learn

A Notch Above the Rest
The Business Head of Deeksha STEM School, Rajesh Palayil conveys, “We have a well structured co-curriculum at Deeksha STEM Schools which includes a wide array of sports & games literary & cultural activities, community exposure, and even more. We have tried to mainstream sports by approaching sports education holistically.A sport is introduced to the children theoretically and they are made aware of the national and cultural relevance of the sport besides the actual coaching on the field. Every child is exposed to all competitive sports initially and eventually, they take up a sport of their interest. There are league level matches, inter house and inter school competitions for all major sports. Similarly, there are clubs for literary cultural activities and music, and arts as well. There are learning spaces like tinkering labs, STEM corners, robotics labs, which are integral to the STEM ecosystem”.

STEM educational methodology drives academic excellence by developing an intrinsic motivation to explore and learn. As a result, learning stops being confined to the classroom, lectures, or even books, it begins to take place in every possible context. Dr. Sridhar concludes the impeccable educative information of Deeksha STEM School with the wise words, “Critical thinking will and the ability to research and penchant for application of knowledge makes children exceptional learners and STEM educational ecosystem incentivizes creativity by providing multiple avenues for scientific thinking, creative problem solving, and technological application. As a result, children not only excel in science and technology, but in arts, humanities, and literature as well”.