GyanPro: Redefining Science Education with Innovative Learning Solutions

By Dr. Supreeth Kittenkere, Founder & CEO,     Krithika Ashok, Head of Product Development, Vasuki Shenoy, Head of Operations

By Dr. Supreeth Kittenkere, Founder & CEO

Krithika Ashok, Head of Product Development, Vasuki Shenoy, Head of Operations

As the education world explores strategies to equip students with the skills and knowledge, they’ll need to be successful innovators in a 21st-century workforce, there has been a growing emphasis on STEAM. Education is under pressure to respond to a changing world and the earlier students are exposed to the STEAM disciplines, the better. Significantly one of the leading firms supporting K-10 STEAM education by collaborating with diverse partners, leveraging local and regional resources, to empower science education by inspiring children to learn through experimental method or PBL (Project based/Problem Based Learning) with GyanPro.

GyanPro is a for purpose, Impact first enterprise founded in 2014 with the aim to create a parallel science education program to make science fun, inspiring, and interactive for young children. By utilizing evidence based instructional practices, connecting in and out of school learning, facilitating effective science communication, and mentoring students, the firm seeks to kindle scientific temper by honing reasoning skills and logical thinking amongst children. “We are working as a catalyst in bringing creativity through STEAM education for children and enable them to engage proactively in science experiments by utilizing local resources and issues as a means to engage children and conceptualize learning,” signifies Dr. Supreeth Kittenkere, Founder & CEO, who has been passionately working to make science education engaging and fun for a learner as present system of education is not learner centric and rote based evaluation.

Revolutionary Learning Aid
Proscientia is an innovative “Learning Aid” for students specifically from Grades 1-8 which was launched in 2017 by GyanPro. There are
several Teaching Aids in the market to assist teachers to engage with children beyond the scope of textbooks. Proscientia is not a teaching aid but a Learning Aid. While a teaching aid assists the teacher, a learning aid allows pupils to comprehend concepts via hands-on experiments. With Proscientia, each student gets an activity kit containing more than 50+ activities that are 100% mapped to the school’s curriculum. All students from grades 1–8 can build models, conduct experiments, and complete projects on their own within 35 minutes of the classroom, and then take the projects home. The pupils’ sense of accomplishment and hands-on learning experience further pushes them to learn more about the subject. To facilitate smooth conduction of class, Proscientia provides teachers Instructional Manuals as well as Self Directed Learning Worksheets for each activity, which will test the students’ grasp of the topic through puzzles and games to evaluate their learning outcomes.

GyanPro aims kindle scientific temper by honing reasoning skills and logical thinking amongst children through unique teaching strategies.

“Quality education, in our opinion, is any sort of education that teaches you how to think rather than what to think. And if this type of education has assisted to solve a real world problem, it is the most relevant type of education,” signifies Vasuki Shenoy, Head of Operations.

GyanPro’s diverse product and service offerings have enabled them to cater to a wide range of clients, including schools and colleges (Proscientia, Tinkering & Innovation Lab, Science Lab, Science Festivals), corporations & NGOs (Employee Engagement Program, Customer Engagement Program, CSR), and individual parents (GyanPro Box, Virtual Courses, Digi Lab, CSI Workshop, and Tinker Lab at Home). Through its products & services, GyanPro has benefitted more than 300,000 people and has spread its footprints across 10+ countries, 300+ schools, 100+ science centers, as well as implemented more than a million STEAM Kits and 2000+ edutainment programs. India’s top Schools like The Delhi Public School, The Cambridge International School, Harvest International, and many more have placed their trust in its products and services. Further, it has also served multinational corporates like IBM, Bosch, HP, made us, PayPal, Tanishq, Club Mahindra, and more through its uniquely designed workshops and hackathons.

“We want to inspire children to win another Nobel Prize for India. We envision fostering science Education that is innovative, interactive, engaging, and easy to understand for youngsters and our mission is to redefine K10 science education, hone the skills and science learning of 1 million young minds, and contribute to scientific research and innovation in India,” concludes Krithika Ashok, Head of Product Development.

“GyanPro’s programs and the way of teaching is refreshing and makes the children interested and eager to learn more. Previously, children where bored with the age old method of teaching style. My children are benefited from GyanPro greatly - It shaped they way they think about learning.”
–Latika Chaudhary, Parent/Customer of GyanPro