Creya Learning and Research: An Expert STEM Education Provider Transforming K-12 Education in Indian Schools

Hari Verma, Praveen Vudoagiri, and Venky Datla, Co-FoundersEmployability of the coming generation is one of the most commonly discussed topics in the educational community. With the competition getting harder along with the increasing opportunities, students should be equipped with more than just their normal school or college certificates to become successful in this fast moving world. Incepted in 2011, Creya Learning and Research is providing students training in STEM education starting from the smaller grades onwards. Creya Learning and Research not only helps you to add something more to the additional skill sets column of your resume but it is also bound to empower you with skills, competencies and the right attitude needed to thrive in this dynamic world.

As the founders of the company, Hari Verma, Praveen Vudoagiri, and Venky Datla had envisioned creating a pioneering educational entity that offers STEM learning, design thinking and experiential education for developing 21st century skills such as thinking skills, digital skills and life skills for K12 students which meets both national and international educational standards. “Our emphasis has been on helping students see the connection between classroom theories
and realworld problems outside the four walls of the school. Ours is the only program that helps students integrate concepts from all the 5 disciplines of math, science, ICT as well as social sciences and English language arts making us the only true STEM learning program provider. Our program is also unique as it gets children exposed to all of the emerging technologies like engineering design, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and coding and digital media”, avers Venky Datla, Co-Founder, Creya Learning and Research.

Creya Learning and Research offers various specialized programs including XEL 2.0, and Meerkats to provide specialized STEM learning opportunities for the students. “Creya XEL 2.0, the STEM lab, design studio, and maker space program are our flagship offerings. This is available for schools as an in school program for grades from 1 to 10 across CBSE, ICSE and International Boards. Creya XEL 2.0 creates a unique platform for the students to work on projects across robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, coding, digital media and design. Another one of our offerings is ‘meerkats’ which is one of our popular after school and summer camp programs offered to students in independent activity centers”, states Praveen Vudoagiri, Co-Founder, Creya Learning and Research.

Creya also offers a program called D-STEM which is their STEM learning implementations for Govt. schools through CSR Grants. Other offerings provided by Creya include Professional Development Workshops for STEM Educators and Design Thinking Workshops for Corporates. Creya Learning and Research has also been awarded multiple times by various organizations and schools for its uniqueness and quality of education.

As a result of its holistic approach in STEM learning, Creya Learning and Research has been partnering with international schools and CBSE and ICSE schools across India including Sanskriti Gurukul in Guwahati, Navrachana in Vadodara, Lakshmi School in Madurai and Mayor World School in Jalandhar. As for the future of Creya Learning and Research, the founding team has laid out a clear road map to becoming the epitome of STEM education and learning in the country. “Today as we look back, we are happy to note that about 2,50,000 plus students have been equipped with the right skill sets and are inspired to innovate. Our future road map includes building on the inclusion of emerging technologies and spreading our width of operations to reach more stakeholders directly for better impact”, says Venky Datla, Co-Founder, Creya Learning and Research.