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Abhay Gupta,Founder&CEO

Abhay Gupta


Reshaping the Luxury Plaza
Luxury is a term that evolves with time. In our childhood, an ice cream was all about 'lazza or kwality', but now everyone opts for Baskin Robbins which is a luxury brand name. Earlier, there were just a few who knew the difference and names of the luxury brands. With the changing time, too many luxury brands have entered the Indian market and the Indian consumers have come a long way.

‘Industry Connect’ sessions ensure interactions of group discussions and sector specific downloads from senior industry practitioners and existing professionals

Today, even though we are aware of the luxury brand names, we do not have a clear idea about the luxury market and its management.In 2012, when Abhay Gupta started Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS), his intention was to prepare an individual to serve a career in the luxury industry. Today, LCBS offers various educational programs for both professionals and students.

"In 2012, when I started India's first Luxury B-School, my prime target was to reduce the gaps prevalent in the industry and thus LCBS collaborates with the international universities to provide a global perspective to our students," says Gupta. Just after the completion of short-term programs, the school has introduced diploma and post graduate courses in collaboration with International University of Monaco. Along with the collaborations, the institute also associates well with the luxury
sector. The institute provides students with lot many opportunities to interact with the industry professionals in an informal manner. "CEO and the country head downwards have a rich real time experience and when our students share their ideas with these senior stalwarts, students get a better exposure and even these professionals have expressed their interest in coming and meeting our students," adds Gupta.The institute lays its emphasis on imparting training in Luxury, Fashion and Retail to ensure that the student acquires the requisite skill level to become an asset in the relevant industry.The Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Brand Management is designed for those who have recently graduated and even for the professionals with experience in fashion and retail sector and also for those who are interested in luxury segment. The program is conducted in a manner where the students get to spend seven months at LCBS in India and three months at the IUM campus, Monaco. The students also have the option to take their entire program in India at LCBS. "The intensive program has been planned to provide a thorough grasp of all important skills of Luxury Brand Management," says Gupta. Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Retail Management Program is a unique two-year Post Graduate Diploma program designed to focus on the retail industry needs with an emphasis on Fashion and Lifestyle Products. Here, the students learn about the customer service and acquire customer experience management skills as per industry expectations.

"The school offers the most comprehensive set of experiential learning short track executive programs to full time postgraduate diploma programs on international lines," claims Gupta. Other than these two programs, the institute also offers executive programs with luxury entrepreneurship, which is a six weeks program spread over 50 hours of classroom teaching to exhibit entrepreneurial behavior for creating and managing a successful business venture in the luxury domain. The luxury fashion styling is another highlight of the institute which is a 10 week program for those who want to be a part of the world of styling as professionals or stylists. The experiential luxury program, a
two-week program developed by LCBS, is a modular, experiential and immersive learning workshop with the intent to expose a global learner to the intricacies of typical Indian traditional luxury domain. The delegate will develop a firsthand experience of this market with a structured learning of the mystical charm, rich heritage, glorious past as well as the future landscape. The corporate programs of the institute offers luxury retail service skills and luxury brand strategy skills.

The institute follows a learner centric approach wherein the contents are developed by research to make it industry specific and industry warranted and it implicit skilling needs focusing on ease of learning and practical utilization of the learning. Further, the institute imparts training beyond the four walls of the classroom by providing a personalized mentoring and through real time experiences along with the group discussions and other interactive sessions. In addition, immersive learning is assured by way of participation in Luxury Conferences; Amazon fashion weeks, industry field trips to emporia malls, five star hotels, automobile showrooms & designer studios. Regular 'Industry Connect' sessions ensure interactions of regular group discussions and sector specific downloads from senior industry practitioners and existing professionals. The trainers further motivate students towards the subject by implementing a scenario-based training that uses a narrative style to create a better understanding for them. Viewing a bright future ahead for the luxury Industry by 2020, Gupta and his team see this as the ideal time to work to build the capabilities required for the ones interested in luxury field.

Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO
Gupta has been involved in the evolution of the fashion and luxury segment in India right from manufacturing, joint venture factory set-up and franchising in the country. He has also been involved in being a guide to NIFT and Pearl Academy from their grass root stages of inception and evolution as an academic board member. He has now been mandated by a plethora of Luxury brands across fashion, lifestyle, home, interior & residences etc for their India entry strategy.