Vidyamandir Classes: Imparting Valuable Knowledge and Skills to Prepare Students for Major Entrance Exams

Saurabh Kumar,National Director Academics

Saurabh Kumar

National Director Academics

Coaching institutions have always been an important part of proper training, if a student wants to remain ahead in the race, he/she must maintain normal and routine coaching. Attending a coaching class has many advantages, including the ability to teach you something and keep the students up to date since these classes are filled with a wide range of interesting topics.

In 1986, three IITians Brij Mohan Gupta, Shyam Mohan Gupta and Man Mohan Gupta came together to create a platform that can provide abundant knowledge that is when Vidyamandir Classes was launched. Saurabh Kumar, National Director Academics says, "Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) has been synonymous with IITJEE and NEET performance over the years, the institution holds a mission to provide information and encouragement in order to build an atmosphere that not only leads students down the path of success but also encourage them to consider and explore their own potential.

VMC's popularity and credibility among IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants are attested to by the fact that over 1,00,000 students take the VMC Test each year for the limited seats available. All courses are based on VMC's time-tested teaching approach, which has delivered unrivalled results in IITJEE.

Major Endeavors of Vidyamandir Classes
Since its inception Vidyamandir Classes has been a foundation stone to many revolutions that happened in the coaching institutions sector, these milestones are the major contributors to the success that the institution achieved in the later phase. In the year 1990, VMC was the first coaching institutes in the country to introduce the concept of Admission and Talent Screening Test for IIT JEE Coaching. In the same year following the trend of bringing in new developments, VMC was the first institute to provide printed study materials to the students in the form of booklets and modules which helped the students in preparing for their entrance exams as the study materials easily provided them with the required information.

Later in 1995, VMC was again the first institution to offer a revision course for the students preparing for their IIT JEE exams, another feather that was added to VMC's hat of achievements was, the institution familiarized their students with Computer-based feedback and analysis of their performance. In 2007, VMC first time introduced an online assessment for IIT JEE coaching in India and in the year 2011, the institution launched classroom courses in 18 more locations, using the most up-to-date VSAT technology.

Innovative Coaching Methodologies
During the admission test, VMC will try to figure out what are the weak points of a student or in which subject does he/she face difficulties in understanding the subject. Later on, respective teachers will work on the challenges encountered by students and help them overcome their hurdles and design study materials according to the student's requirements. VMC bring in a conducive environment in their learning system, students need not have to wait to clear their doubts till they attend particular classes, and they can clear them using the WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups and the LMS.

Currently, VMC is a leading coaching institute in the Northern part of India, furthermore Saurabh Kumar adds, "We want to grow and establish a presence in the country's south, west, and eastern parts, and we have already started some projects in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. We also planned to launch a full-fledged technology arm where all syllabus-related content will be made available online, as well as a significant expansion in the delivery of online classes and the development of a digital space for students."

Mr. Saurabh Kumar also added that among all other achievements of VMC it's our system that made us adjust in this Difficult Covid ­ 19 Pandemic and we were the first in India to commence our session on online platform in April 2020.