Imagecon Academy : An IoT Driven Ed Tech Startup

S. Sathishkumar,Founder-CEO

S. Sathishkumar


With the growth in the product and software development sector, there are many Ed-Tech startups that came into existence. One such company is Imagecon India. It is a new start-up company which deals with product design and software development. The company has extended its wing in the training industry to make skilled India.

Imagecon Academy offers expertise training on Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, JAVA and Android courses in its portfolio. It also offers the training schemes such as duo training (both through online and classroom training), JAP (Job Assured Programs), PAP (Pay After Placement), CAP (Career Advancement Programs).

Focus on Students' Career
The main motto of the company is "To create a stable economic growth in students' career"

As a product company, the Imagecon India has a detailed know-how of the IoT industry and exact requirements and it trains its students accordingly. The professionals train the students to work with both hardware and software. The academy will provide individual IoT kits to its students. This is to ensure that the academy can focus on deployment of IoT concepts and encourage the students to develop the real-time products. The company adopts a Live Training Methodology, under which the academy conducts Live Interactive sessions, Session wise Assessment, Session
wise Assignment, Mock Report, Live Coding Test, Skill meter Examination.

The live training methodology is to ensure the best learning outcomes by the students. To support the training process more efficiently, the company has AI Technologies to support the training process in the academy. The technology is to continuously monitor student's growth and performance.

Experts From Diversified Streams As Trainers
At Imagecon Academy the trainers are developers and experts in their respective streams. They have more than five years of experience in software and product development. The course syllabus is pro-posed to frequently change according to industry evolutions. To maintain the quality of trainers, the academy conducts an IQAT (Internal Quality Assessment Test).The experts are required to clear the IQAT in order to take the batch of students for training purposes.

To add to the efficiency of the training procedure, the company has a separate team to ensure the quality of training. This team is required to collect feedback from students on the end of training each day. After receiving the feedback from the students, the team will then inform the concerned trainers and improvise the training quality from the next day onwards.

At Imagecon Academy the trainers are developers and experts in their respective streams

Career Advancement Programs
Imagecon India has launched PAP (Pay after placement), which is a red carpet way to land a dream job for the student community. The PAP course structure is specially designed to assist with learning skills relevant to industry requirements. This initiative is specially launched for clearing all the hurdles faced by the students to achieve success. Under this scheme, the students need not pay the course fee until they get their first salary after they join an organization paying them 3 LPA or more.

The academy has also introduced Career Enhancement services over existing training courses. The Career Enhancement services include - AI based resume building, Communication Training, Mock Interview Report, Connecting Assistance, Multi Language Training, Personality Training. All these trainings are purposed to convert students into well learned professionals.

The company plans to extend its direct branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore. After the successful execution of these plans, it will start franchising its business into Pan India. It is truly determined to be the most valuable Ed-tech company in India.