Clearly Blue Digital: The Yen to Storytelling Rippled in eLearning Platform

Padmaja Narsipur,CEO

Padmaja Narsipur, CEO

Storytelling in eLearning might seem easy. You brainstorm a few characters, toss them into a realistic environment, and throw obstacles their way. But there is a lot more to it than a spinning yarn. From creating persuasive stories that motivate online learners and foster emotional connections to binding them with real world benefits, objectives and applications, storytelling in eLearning is an art and a science. Bengaluru-based content design studio Clearly Blue Digital has made significant in-roads in this effort with targeted practices in content marketing and eLearning.

Established in 2016, Cleary Blue Digital comprises a talented team of 20+ content strategists, creative designers and video storytellers, backed by leaders experienced in building eLearning technology in the U.S. Many of the core team of storytellers have master’s degrees in technology and management; and years of corporate experience. “Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do, whether creating video-based eLearning for MOOC platforms, byte-sized ‘on-the-go’ learning apps, product education or specialized technology learning,” states Padmaja Narsipur, CEO, Clearly Blue Digital.
Meeting Challenges through Immersive Stories
Learners nowadays are jaded – as
witnessed in the very low completion rates of MOOC courseware. Adult learners are also very short on time. Towards this end, Clearly Blue has evolved a five-pronged strategy for all its work that aligns learning with trending technology: Mobile learning, micro-learning, MOOC-style learning, AR/VR-based learning and gamification in learning are some of the precepts they have developed specializations in. The management team is focussed on consistently upgrading employees’ skills and enhancing their knowledge in core areas, so that they continue to craft immersive stories in advanced platforms.

"Clearly Blue’s capabilities come to the fore in the design phase with strategizing and recommending both tool/technology and learning roadmaps"

Custom Development Aligned to Learners’ Needs
Today, all forms of learning are hybrid. Understanding the nuances of technology offerings and how they fit into the learning puzzle are essential for positive learning outcomes. Leveraging the team’s combined 50+ years of experience in technology, learning and content creation, Clearly Blue has developed a strong process to develop specialized eLearning that meets learners’ requirements. It starts with in-depth information gathering (to understand the client’s learner persona, their unique challenges and needs) and assessment of the technology landscape offered via client’s ecosystem. The company designs custom courses for a wide variety
of requirements, including learning apps, a proprietary or open-source learning management systems, public MOOC platforms or video delivery systems.

Clearly Blue’s capabilities come to the fore in the design phase with strategizing and recommending both tool/technology and learning roadmaps. During course creation, dedicated account managers act as SPOCs to the clients and seamlessly manage every aspect of scripting, storyboarding, shoot oversight, post-production, localization and so forth. Clearly Blue has delivered superior course content using this tested methodology in diverse areas such as K-12 teacher training, design thinking, product management, project management, machine learning, web services, data warehouse concepts, Angular JS/Node JS, design thinking, digital marketing, and others.

The Road Ahead
Clearly Blue has provided eLearning courses for premier B-school Institute of Product Leadership, and corporate education provider Manipal Global Education Services/Manipal ProLearn, to name a few. The company is also building learning videos for finance software multinational Intuit. With such illustrious clientele, the last few years of operations have seen YoY growth zooming. What does the future hold? Productization of learning is the founder’s vision. The company plans to build a knowledge-based product for the technology space, as well as a skills-building product for youth in the coming year. Clearly, this content design studio is all set to make a prominent mark in eLearning.