Childhood Cuddle & Care: Building a Dynamic Learning Environment for Children

Azher Khan & Samreen Khan,Directors
Azher Khan& Samreen Khan

Parenthood is full of unknowns and confusions. Unlike the olden days, where couples were supported by joint family setups, today’s parents are struggling to provide childcare amidst the hectic office works, especially during their early years of parenthood. The only option they have is external childcare centres. Again, finding and paying for quality child care is also a big challenge. If you had trouble finding affordable child care for your little one-or spent months on a wait list you had to pay a hefty deposit to stay on-you're not alone, many parents face this problem nowadays. In order to make a change in this scenario, Azher Khan and Samreen Khan started Star Childhood Cuddle & Care, an affordable and high quality childcare centre to support parents in their early years of parenthood. “In the struggle to find quality, affordable childcare, more often than not it’s still the women who leave the workforce. This establishment has given us a chance to help women from all walks of life and showcase our love and affection towards our little ones. Through this, we strive to redefine the corporate culture in the city with proper work-life balance, ”shares Azher Khan,
Director of Star Childhood Cuddle & Care.

"Star Childhood Cuddle & Care’s programmes fall into four categories, namely Little Lambs for infant care, Bouncy Bears for toddlers, Tender Hearts PreSchool program and Shining Stars After-School Program"

At the daycare, different programs have been well structured according to children’s age group to meet their growth requirements and the infrastructure is designed in line with international standards. Star Childhood Cuddle & Care’s programmes fall into four categories, namely Little Lambs for infant care, Bouncy Bears for toddlers, Tender Hearts PreSchool program and Shining Stars After-School Program. Azher Khan elucidates, “At Star Childhood Cuddle & Care, activities are divided into Aesthetic Subjects, Language and communication, Nature and Environment,and Physical Development and Health. Additional creative activities such as Origami, Basic Robotics, Drawing and Painting, Rubik’s cube are likely to be introduced to specific program in the future that help in the overall development and in identifying interest areas of the child. Apart from these, other benefits for children are encouraging them to be a part of the decor during festivals by letting them leverage their creativity and learn from it. There are carnival celebrations where parents and children come together and have fun.”

As a unique childcare centre, Star Childhood Cuddle & Care leverages latest technologies to ensure the quality of services.
Samreen Khan, Director, Star Childhood Cuddle & Care says,“Our institution offers state-of-the-art services. We provide a mobile application called Dg Dairy to communicate daily activities, holiday information, food menu, curriculum, and pictures with the parent. For safety and security, CCTV has been installed to monitor the facility anytime. Simultaneously, we have given its access to parents to login anytime to check their child in their respective rooms. Besides,our institution conducts quarterly health camps for children and health talks to parents on various topics relating to body, mind and soul in association with our healthcare partner, Apollo Cradle.”

Being in the education industry for 48 years, the team Childhood Cuddle & Care follows the principles of Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork(HEART)at the organization. They have a child development research model based on Stanford University Prof. Carol Dweck on growth mindset. Institution’s care takers, teachers as well as centre heads are aligned as per the research model. Samreen Khan indicates, “Our staffs are the backbone of this company. Our Childhood family is a caring, passionate group of individuals committed to providing exceptional experiences, dedicated to bringing their talents every day at work. Today,we have 10 major corporate tie ups with a head count of 90 children. We are expanding into more centres in Bengaluru and India with the mission to provide the best-in-the-industry services with dedicated employees at all centres without compromising the quality.”