Bright Kid Montessori House: Improving Learning Experiences through Activity based Learning

Susmita Sanyal,Founder
Susmita Sanyal, Executive Director

Over the past decades the education system in the country has remained the same. We are still following the traditional teaching method in which kids were taught lessons through passive learning techniques under a teacher-centric environment and rigid and restricted spaces. In contrast with this, Montessori Method of learning enables children to pursue their own areas of interest and to work through problems as they arise in real-life situations. They are not solving what 2+ 2 equals just because the teacher says it’s important, they are working out how many toys they have, how many biscuits the dog eats, or how many pairs of shoes they need to pick up. These experiential learning techniques in Montessori Method ease the pressure among children and create love of learning. Spotting the growing anxiety among children about school and academic performance in the existing educational system, Susmita Sanyal started Bright Kid Montessori House, a preschool and daycare with the intention to cultivate children’s natural desire to learn and make them future-ready following famous Montessori Method.

Bright Kid Montessori House is a
" Brightkid was born in April 2007,with a strong conviction to develop children using scientific Montessori methodology, perfectly blended with modern multimedia and conventional methods of classroom teaching"

leading chain of Montessori Preschool, Day Care and Activity Centres based in Bengaluru. Its founder, Susmita Sanyal is a well - trained Montessori instructor. Graduated from Calcutta University, Susmita has pursued Montessori preschool diploma from IMTC, Bengaluru and she is an active member in both American Montessori Society and Association Montessori Internationale. Susmita Sanyal, Executive Director, Bright Kid Montessori House, says, “Brightkid was born in April 2007, with a strong conviction to develop children using scientific Montessori methodology, perfectly blended with modern multimedia and conventional methods of classroom teaching. We believe that the joy of learning can be offered only in a colourful, comfortable and creative preschool environment, which will provide the stimuli to develop at kids' own pace.” She continues,“Each of our centres has qualified and experienced teachers. Further, our leadership team consists of highly accomplished management professionals having credentials from IITs and IIMs. We work together to provide an ideal preschool education and holistic developmental environment that supports our children to muddle through the advance world of today.”

Bright Kid Montessori House is distinguished by their excellence in
deploying leading-edge technologies for the better learning experience. Their all centres are well equipped with best of class and specially designed Montessori apparatus, play equipments, digital learning aids for instance, LCD projectors and learning software and self-owned school vans with GPS. “Bright Kid Montessori House has successfully pioneered in implementing digital technologies through ‘My Bright Digital Learning’ for creating a highly-effective and an enriching learning experience. Our Bright SMART Book series are enabled with AR Augmented Reality technology and additionally, our mobile application called Bright Connect 2Parent provides daily updates, notifications and interactions with the parents. Another application, Brilla the Multiple Intelligence Application, contributes to a child’s overall personality and intelligence development potential in their homes with over 100 activities,” Susmita elucidates.

Started with seven children at RT Nagar in Bengaluru, today, Bright Kid Montessori House banner has spread across above 15 states with 70 centres in India. Over 20,000 students have successfully completed their preschool education from Bright Kids over the past decade. Adding more feathers on the hat, Susmita Sanyal founded a Bright Montessori Teachers Training program in the year 2011. At present, she leads the teams for academic management, audit, teachers training, innovative methodologies and growth of new centres and also continues to make Bright Kid Montessori House the best and most adorable in the world of Pre-school education.