The Kalyani School: Imparting Hands-on Learning Experiences for the Holistic Development of the Students

Deeksha Kalyani,DirectorIt goes without saying that a well-educated population advances society. The classroom is the country's laboratory where we build the society we want to live in. Schools can be truly visionary, fostering an environment in which children can pursue knowledge. The Kalyani School, founded in 2015, is a renowned CBSE School in Pune, established by Deeksha Kalyani with the conviction that education is the backbone of society. Deeksha Kalyani comes from the Shri Ram family in Delhi, which has a demonstrated history of philanthropy in education. Her mother founded ‘The Shri Ram Schools’ in Delhi in 1988, and Deeksha was very influenced by this, while she was growing up. Deeksha had always wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps and open a similar educational institute in Pune. Finally, in 2015, the dream became a reality with the establishment of The Kalyani School.

The Kalyani School takes pride in its top-notch infrastructure; it is located on a nine-acre campus, which is unusual for a school in a city. The school has a three and a halfacre sports field spacious classrooms, an auditorium with about 800 seats, a multipurpose hall, a sizable canteen, and a vast courtyard. The Kalyani School is highly child centered and believes in giving individual attention and strives to find each child's true potential as a part of its vision and mission. Since every child is unique, with different learning styles and preferences, The Kalyani School seeks to recognize and provide the best for each child. “We believe in guiding the mind, body, and spirit of the young generation, helping them discover and realize their full potential as individuals and molding them to be responsible citizens of society”, adds Deeksha Kalyani, Director at The Kalyani School.

A Notch Above All
An important aspect that contributes to The Kalyani School's success is its student teacher ratio, which is 1:10 through out the school and significantly higher than the norms. Each classroom has a small number
of students, allowing teachers to provide individualized attention and quality education. The school has 120 students per grade, divided into four sections of 30 students each. Admission is only available in JR KG, the Inception class; admission to other grades is only possible if a student leaves or transfers. Only those seats are open for enrollment, and classes are full up through Grade 12. Even though the school is bound by the CBSE curriculum, it strives to be different from other schools. The method of teaching is much more experiential and hands-on, as opposed to just chalk and board or reading from a textbook and writing questions and answers. The Kalyani School tries to make classes more interesting for the children, by employing a variety of teaching methods so that the children enjoy learning in the classroom setting.

The Kalyani School is highly child-centered & believes in giving individual attention & strives to find each child's true potential as a part of its vision & mission

The Kalyani School places a strong emphasis on holistic development, rather than just academic development, and excels in a wide variety of extra curricular activities in both performing arts and sports. In performing arts, the school has CCA activities, and creative co-curricular activities, where it provides Indian dance, Western dance, Indian music, and Western music in both instrumental and vocal forms. It also offers drama and a wide range of other activities. Every student performs on stage every year, which significantly boosts their self-confidence and co-curricular skills. Besides, the school offers an array of extracurricular sports, including cricket, basketball, handball, football, karate, and yoga, and will soon introduce table tennis and tennis.

The Kalyani School consistently works to build a harmonious, stimulating environment that motivates everyone to pursue excellence and emerge as responsible, future-ready citizens. The school is driven by the mission to become a beacon of excellence in the teaching learning process by offering an environment built on ethics and values. It provides vast, well-equipped learning spaces and resources, to optimize each student's potential and continuously evolves to manage change.

I can say with great pride that our school is one that is continuously evolving. Every year, we upgrade the systems and methodologies that can be implemented to improve the teaching and learning process. We never stop looking for new, innovative ways to enhance education. With everything our students and teachers have accomplished so far, I am extremely happy with where we are at. But there is still a long way to go, and the journey has only just begun. I’m looking forward to seeing the school prosper and grow from strength to strength”, concludes Deeksha Kalyani.