3E Home School: A Unique Approach to CBSE Education in the Digital Age

 Dr. Latha Murthy,   FounderEducation has undergone a significant transformation in today's rapidly evolving digital age, with traditional teaching methods giving way to innovative technological solutions. Schools are now exploring unique approaches to adapt to this changing landscape, such as integrating the CBSE curriculum with digital tools and resources, to create a dynamic and novel learning experience for students. 3E Home School, founded by Dr. Latha Murthy, a retired Principal Director from an international school, is a prime example of a unique online school that recognizes the need for comprehensive and innovative education during these challenging times. 3E Home School follows the curriculum of the CBSE, a renowned board in India known for its well-designed syllabus along with co-curricular activities like sports, arts, and cultural programs. What sets 3E Home School apart is its pedagogy that incorporates animation with thematic approach and multiple intelligence methodology, utilizing technology as a tool for learning.

“We believe in a 'See, Do and Learn'approach, where students retain about 80 percent of what they see, and further retention happens when they actively participate in doing. This results in 100 percent effective learning”, says Dr. Latha Murthy. At 3E Home School, tech-savvy teachers conduct online exams and follow CBSE curriculum and CCA pattern for safe learning. Students can easily switch to other virtual schools for higher grades. The overall goal is to empower students to excel academically while prioritizing their health and safety during their virtual educational experience.

Innovative Features & Challenges
Unlike traditional schools, 3E Home School does not have strict timing periods. The timetable allows teachers to take classes from morning till afternoon, with breaks as per the child's requirements. Students are not pressured to complete their work within a fixed time frame, and teachers have flexibility
in allocating time for different subjects including writing activities. At 3E Home School, students have flexibility in completing their work between 9 am to 1:30 pm without rigid time periods. The school uses cutting-edge technology, including Windows 10 systems and Microsoft Teams, for teaching, exams, and learning. Exams are conducted online, with questions uploaded on the Teams platform. The regular use of technology in the homeschooling approach provides students with more knowledge and proficiency in utilizing technology in their education, giving them an edge in the digital age. 3E Home School encountered a challenge in the form of parental concerns about socialization opportunities for their children.

Some parents believed that their children may miss out on social interactions if they do not attend regular school. However, the school addresses this concern by placing emphasis on the importance of online socialization. Students are encouraged to interact with their family, friends, and relatives during their free time in the afternoon or evening, providing ample opportunities for soial engagement. Additionally, the school ensures effective communication with students by delivering progress reports and other important information. Despite not being a traditional brick-and-mortar school, 3E Home School has successfully operated with its unique 'School without Walls' approach. This approach has allowed students to receive education and support outside of the conventional school setting, providing them with flexibility and opportunities for learning in a non-traditional manner.

Technology is not just a tool at 3E Home School, it's an integral part of the curriculum, preparing students for the digital world ahead

Overall, 3E Home School has addressed parental concerns about socialization and effectively delivered education and support to students through its innovative approach, making it a successful alternative to traditional schooling methods.“As adults we understand the value of online socialization, especially during times when we may not have the opportunity to see people in person. However, we acknowledge that convincing our parents to accept this form of socialization was not without challenges. But we have successfully communicated to them the importance and benefits of online socializing, helping them to understand and accept this modern way of connecting with others”, says Dr.Latha Murthy.

Future Ahead
3E Home School is well positioned for a promising future with expected increases in student enrolment, program expansions, technological advancements, continuous innovation, global impact, and student success stories. The school's distinctive approach to online education, combining cutting-edge technology, thematic teaching, and a student centric focus, has the potential to attract students globally seeking a flexible and effective learning experience. Upholding core values, adapting to evolving educational landscapes, fostering inclusivity, and celebrating diversity, 3E Home School aims to empower students to excel academically. With a track record of student success stories and a commitment to staying at the forefront of online education, the school is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the field and positively impact the lives of students worldwide.