K Ramakrishnan College of Technology: Nurturing the young minds

Dr. KRamakrishnan,ChairmanIndia ranks 129 out of 166 countries in the ICT development index. India is making progress inrural e-commerce, e-hospitals, tele-medicines and online study for students. The higher education sector of our country is expected to adopt the blended learning methods, where the online courses and the conventional classes are equally used to achieve the optimum results. K Ramakrishnan college o f Technology founded in 2008 in Tiruchirapalli, TamilNadu is one of those institutions promoting the use of the ICT to enhance the learning environment. KRCT encourages the students to make use of the technology to get the best results out of it. With massive open online courses being a crucial part of the learning process in the institution, the college creates a framework that naturally encourages the use of ICT in the campus.

Taking the campus digitization process one step further, K Ramakrishnan college of Technology uses some thing called the Amphisoft, a special campus connect software where all the possible objective and descriptive questionsfor all the subjects are uploaded bythe concerned subject staff. Student scan get an online training through the Amphisoft campus Connect software, for their technical sessionof the interview. The curriculum of the institution is designed by the various academic boards and councils of the Anna University and it is frequently revised through group discussions and suggestions from various affiliated institutions. The curriculum is revised
keeping in mind the current market trends and the requirements of the students,
which are put forward by the respective representatives from the institutes to the academic council.

Most of the faculty members are industry experts, having more than 10 years of teaching experience and also hold PhD degrees from reputed universities

With several campus connect programmes in collaboration with companies such as TCS,WIPRO and iNautix, the institute wants their students to learn about the industry in a more personal level. “Through the campus connect programmes, we provide the students with an opportunity to work closely with the industry experts,” says Dr. S.Muruganandam, principal, KRCT,while talking to us about the campus internship programmes. During internships the students are assigned a mentor, mentors help the students learn about the industry through their eyes. Aside from campus connect programmes the institute also has a pool of committees consisting of not more than eight members who are from the industry and the academic background. The committees work on developing the syllabus, infrastructure and the faculty. Faculty development programmes are a priority because,with the speed in which industry is changing, the need for the faculty to be updated and in touch with the current market trends cannot be neglected.

The internships usually end with a job offer for the students, many students get other options from they early placement drives and are usually faced with a dilemma. While in dilemma, the students take help from their placement officers, who are well informed about the industry and are there to guide them. The major recruiters being TCS, L&T and INFOSYS who offer packages up to 5 lakhs, the number of companies visiting the campus for recruitment every year keeps increasing and the
students are able to grab the jobs of their choice. The pre placement trainings provided by the institution is on a different league, with special focus on the mental growth and personality development of the students, the trainings have been a success right from the start.

Before the placements and the job offers from the big companies a lot happens in the backdrop.Where, the students who enroll in the institute are from the surrounding rural areas,they are usually unaware of the industry. The students require grooming and Special attention, when it comes to preparing them for the industry. The institution provides a career development support programme through their placement cell. This programme analyzes the students individually and helps them recognize the career path they want to take.

The institution maintains MoU with INTEL, who has set up an intelligence lab in the campus which helps the students with their research projects and other practical sessions.The faculties of the institute play anactive role in encouraging research in the campus. Most of the faculty members are industry experts, having more than 10 years of teaching experience and also hold PhD degrees from reputed universities. The research and development committee organizes regular workshops and seminars,where students are encouraged to present and publish papers.

K Ramakrishnan College of Technology keeps its vision of providing quality technical education a live and thrives on the success of their various programmes and facilities. With immediate plans of organizing international conferences and conducting joint research programmes, which will be very beneficial for the students in the long run. The institution also hasplans of creating numerous centers of excellence, getting international academic collaborations and finding more innovative learning techniques for the benefit of the students.