K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering: Inspiring Future Architects

Dr. S Kuppusamy,   Executive Director

Dr. S Kuppusamy

Executive Director

with only one in four graduates being employable,the number of unemployed engineers in the country is increasing every year. The problem of low employ ability among engineering graduates is quickly becoming a national concern. Making an effort in changing the national scenario with their own initiatives, K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering(KRCE) is emerging as one of the most preferred institutes in the state of Tamil Nadu. Located in the suburbs of Tiruchirapalli, this institution is known for its quality education. “We believe that by providing technical and skil lbased education to main stream engineering students, we are able to differentiate our graduates and give the mreal life advantages over graduates from more traditional institutions,” says, Dr.D Srinivasan, Principal, KRCE.

Most of the institutions focus on competency based learning, which puts a lot of pressure in the students, bu tthis institution being student centric, have adopted a much student friendly learning concept. Their focus on problem based learning and experiential based learning is what makes them stand out from the mushrooming number of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. The success of their student centric educational philosophy is reflected by the annual examination results,where the institute manages to be on top three every year.

The curriculum of the institution is designed under the guidance of the board of studies of the Anna university and is revised regularly according to the industry requirements

The institution prepares students for the industry by providing the pre placement trainings starting from the very first year. They also train thestudents with the required technical training, long before the placement drives takes place. Communication skills, aptitude and personality development are the main areas that they focus on besides the Soft skills and interview skills. As most of the students belong to rural are as, trainings on personality development and communication skills becomes an imperative for the institution. Today many students from this institution are working with MNCs and are doing the jobs they chose. With companies likeI NAUTIX, Wipro and L&T offering packages up to Rs. 6 lakhs and an average package of four lakhs,the institution has maintained a placement record of 95 percent for the last two years.

The college facilitates regular career development support programmes that are focuse don preparing the students for the industry. The MoUs KREC maintains with organizations such as INTEL, Wipro and Hexaware are very beneficial to the career support programmes of the institute.

The students are sent for case studies, live projects and industry visits to the companies the institute has MoUs with. When the students get exposed to the industry on a regular basis they learn about the industry ona more personal level.
Industry interactions and industry visits are arranged frequently, experts from industry are invited for lectures. The career support programmes help the students realize what direction they want to take in the future.

Besides academic excellence and successful training programs, the institute also focuses on research activities. “Students are asked todo projects in innovative ideas and proper guidance will also be given, students are given special prize for filing patent, students are encouraged to expose their hidden talents through“Tech Expo” a Intra college event and cash prizes are also be given to the students,” explains Dr. D Srinivasan ,when asked about research activities in campus. The research and development committee consisting of five member organizes, regular workshops and seminars, wheremany scholars participate and present heir ideas through research papers and presentations.Students are also encouraged to participate in seminars,conferences both National and International, organized out side the colleges such as NITs and other reputed Universities.

The curriculum of the institution is designed under the guidance of the board of studies of the Annauniversity and is revised regularly according to the industry requirements. The fact that Dr. Srinivasan,Principal and Dr.kamaraj HOD of MBA department both being in the board of studies and academic council, makes it easier for the institution to make any changes in the curriculum at any point of time. With future plans to make the research facilities in the institution better and to create international collaborations. The institution plans on creating alab that is well equipped and is of international standards. To get more liberty in setting up the curriculum, The institute also has plans on attaining the autonomous status in the near future.