Beanstalkedu: Frontrunners in Devising Edu-products For Early Childhood Development

Ankana Banerjea & Abhishek Banerjea,  FoundersThe more parents are eager in coercing their children into a scripted learning curriculum, the lesser they are aware of the child’s usual developmental milestones. Thus, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has set up new standards concerning child development and care along with learning, specifically for preschools and nurseries. Making a difference in the preschool franchise business, Kolkata based Beanstalkedu strictly adopts the EYFS framework for its structured preschool curriculum. The core British curriculum seamlessly merges with an extensive & specialized augmented curriculum covering many programs like Super Phonics, Minimax Abacus, Directed Handwriting, Kids Yoga and more with unwavering focus on holistic child development. Ankana Banerjea, an experienced international early childhood practitioner and Founder, Beanstalkedu, states, “We reject the one-size-fits-all approach and after years of research & development, have curated strongly differentiated products for every adjacent requirement in field of early childhood education in India & beyond”.

Conceptualizing Learning Homes
“Our solution Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) is a preschool, teacher training and after school activity centre for kids under one roof that offers seamlessly merged integrated educational programs for toddlers to tweens while ensuring business success for the edupreneur through business diversification and value amplification through the ILC model,” states Abhishek Banerjea, Founder,
Beanstalkedu. Keeping the options flexible, it offers two models for partnership the franchise model Beanstalkedu International Preschool (minimum 2000 sq. ft.) & the non-franchise model Teeny Beans (minimum 1200 sq. ft.). Beanstalkedu has an in-house team of professionals who assist partners to breeze through a series of wellplanned interventions that help them move from conceptualization to implementation to success in perpetuity.

We reject the one-size-fits-all approach and after years of R&D, have curated strongly differentiated products for every adjacent requirement in the field of early childhood education

The ‘Pre-Set Up Phase’ includes site selection, consulting and training. The ‘During Set Up Phase’ covers fabrication of the premises as per designed layout with child friendly learning aids, Montessori equipment, play equipment & child friendly furniture. For The ‘Post Set Up Phase’ a 360 degree launch support with integrated marketing communications strategy is put in place with digital marketing, marketing collateral design & deployment, personalized launch video design and local marketing assistance. A dedicated learning specialist is assigned to assist in every academic & administrative need from curriculum implementation to teacher recruitment, teacher training, marketing activity coordination, design services and others.

As a hallmark of credibility, Beanstalkedu holds international affiliations from reputed US organizations International Montessori Council(IMC) and International Montessori Society(IMS). It holds affiliate membership at London Teacher Training College and Chartered College of Teaching UK, where it participates in cultivating insights to run an effective teachers training curriculum. With its teacher’s training academies, International Institute of Montessori Teachers Training(IIMTT) & Atheneum Global Teacher Training College, which runs a pan-India network of teacher training institutes, Beanstalkedu maintains a steady stream of qualified & groomed teachers across all major Indian states.

Today Beanstalkedu is an international operator in the B2B space for franchise and non-franchise eduproducts, and has created a strong footprint PAN India, spanning preschool, teacher training and afterschool programs through strong brands that resonate strongly with target audiences. Abhishek concludes, “We have quadrupled our topline in two years and some of our latest products are just launching in Q4 FY2019-2020 and Q1 FY2020-2021. Being one of the few serious players of pedigree in this space, we are about to expand in South East Asia with an office set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the second half of 2020 and are looking to play a leadership role in the ed-tech space in India and beyond”.