Balnilaya Academy Foundation: Nurturing the Childs Growth & Development

 Anusree Basu,  Principal

Anusree Basu


Preschools in the modern world are skilled at facilitating the holistic development of a child's full potential. Education and learning are the first steps in a child's early social and emotional development. In this context, toddlers first learn self-care by resolving their minor issues and interacting with other children. They begin to develop these skills in preschool, turning into capable members of the society as they learn to compromise, respect, and share in a group setting. Preschools, therefore, constitute the first educational and social environment outside of the home where children need to be introduced.

In 1962, Sushila Bhandari founded the renowned Montessori home, Montessori Bal Nilaya. Located at Lake Gardens, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Balnilaya is one of the first Montessori schools in Eastern India. Through comprehensive academic and extracurricular pursuits that are based on values, Balnilaya ensures the development of its students. ICSE curriculum is currently being taught there under the direction of the school's principal, Anusree Basu, and the institution's name has changed to Balnilaya Academy Foundation. The school strongly emphasises on respect for everyone, time management, discipline, and punctuality.

In the curriculum, many new educational and developmental programs have been added. So far, every one of them has proven to be helpful and engaging for the kids. Balnilaya provides a variety of facilities - including Montessori, extracurricular activities, and language and literacy development. The school adopted a contemporary teaching
approach after integrating the primary classes, utilising iPads, audio-visual classes, and a wide range of extracurricular activities to implement the ICSE curriculum. The emphasis at the school is on practice, care, and the student's capacity. This makes it unique among Kolkata's other preschools. The educators who work with the kids are Montessori-trained, committed, and incredibly passionate teachers.

Balnilaya has reared many students and acknowledged professionals in many industries across the country and abroad

The application and admission processes are fairly easy. For a discussion about their child, the parents, and their ward are summoned. The young child is not quizzed, negating the anxiety of an admission test. To determine whether the parents can spend adequate time with their children, they are simply observed, and their family background is examined. Both children from low income families and first-generation students are given the chance to attend the school, and the minimal fees ensures that no child is denied access to their rightful education. Although there are no scholarship programs at the moment, the school is looking into potential opportunities.

Balnilaya has always placed an emphasis on the child's physical, intellectual, and moral nourishment. It acknowledges that the path to a child's true development lies in the transmission of textual knowledge, as well as the overall enrichment of the learner. For the benefit of the children's holistic development, Balnilaya Academy Foundation has expanded its program to include primary classes through grade-4 and added amenities like smartboard classes, fully air-conditioned rooms, and weekly music, dance, art, and yoga classes. It has also organised open house events to address the student's academic development.

“By providing a Montessori education that nurtures their spirit as they become engaged citizens of the world, we hope to realise our vision of seeing all children realise their full potential as collaborative and independent learners. We understand that a child's true development is facilitated by holistic enrichment rather than a mere transmission of textual knowledge”, concludes Anusree Basu.