Azure End to End Solutions: Automating & Integrating End-to-End Processes of Education Institutes

Sabu Shefeeq, Co-Founder & CEO

Sabu Shefeeq, Co-Founder & CEO

Many schools are still struggling to automate processes effectively and to communicate with their stakeholders using EduTech. Many are on the path of deploying technology, but most are unaware of how or what to deploy and who can do the job successfully. They need partners with good domain expertise who can blend the right technologies, resources and services to accomplish their unique goals. This makes the Bangalore based Edtech startup Azure End to End Solutions Pvt. Ltd. stand-out from the rest of the providers in the market as a true partner who quickly understands, accurately customizes and rapidly deploys the optimal solution as per the requisites of an institution.

Azure is a leading provider of end-to-end IT solutions for educational institutions and groups globally, ranging from universities, professional colleges, degree colleges, and K-12. Azure maintains an illustrious client list with focus on delivering services to reputed groups of institutions in India and Middle-East. Some of the renowned educational groups like SFS Group of Institutions, Shaheen Group of Institutions and many others have been successfully using Azure’s flagship product called @CAMPUS for 5-6 years to automate and integrate every process, starting from
Admission, Academics, Communications, Administration & Finance to HR.

" Azure is a leading provider of end-to-end IT solutions for educational institutions and groups globally, ranging from universities, professional colleges, degree colleges, and K-12"

@CAMPUS - A Revolutionary Platform
@CAMPUS enables a complete paperless institution using the latest web, cloud and mobile technologies. Its depth of features of each module, the flexibility and ease of use/deployment makes it stand-out in the market. The Academic module is used to plan and track a course as per the syllabus integrates different types of contents (like PDF, PPT, Videos & Audios) to it and link the assessments too along with it to track the teaching effectiveness of a course/subject. The performance dashboard of each student will be available to view from student/parent and teacher login screens. Its internal messaging system helps the students/parents and teachers to communicate effectively.

The highly configurable homepage of @CAMPUS is a wonderful experience for users as it summarizes the important information or controls a user needs to use without the need to depend on the developer team. It is responsive to mobile screens, apart from a wide choice of tools to create new fields in the forms and to create custom reports/filters/charts and make them available on the dashboard of a user.

“@CAMPUS does not limit itself to just technological amazement, but also deploys a technical team who understands the education domain
and provides effective solutions to
some of the common pain-points of educational institutions,”says Sabu Shefeeq, Co-Founder & CEO, Azure who has more than 26 years experience in providing enterprise IT solutions, as well as eight years in EduTech domain, provide consulting to many group of institutions. Sabu is an Alumnus of NIT Calicut, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Training School and IGNOU (Management)with 12years of experience in software product engineering at Hewlett Packard and six years of experience at BARC. Examples of such cases where @CAMPUS addresses pain-points of educational institutions include drastically reduce the fee dues, reduce the student admission data entry & short-listing efforts, and ensure savings on material/asset purchase. For instance, one of Azure’s reputed school clients when deployed @CAMPUS solution with its accurate fee collection data, automated SMS follow-up system and online payment facility, was able to reduce the fee dues by almost 75 percent within five months, while another client experienced a reduction in the queues and data entry post deploying @CAMPUS Online Student Enrollment Module and its unique form editing and report-filtering features.

Reaching New Heights
With an average yearly revenue growth of 25 percent, the company is on the brink of launching a cutting-edge mobile app integrated with @CAMPUS backend to facilitate easy communication between stakeholders and connect with the institution @CAMPUS DB for data. Azure also looks forward to adopt ground-breaking technologies like Analytics and AI, whilst imprinting its presence worldwide.