ATTIS Systems: Fostering Innovation with Advanced 3D Printing Technology

Mr. Amit Lobo, Director & Consultant,Dr. Anil Shirahatti, Director & Consultant

Mr. Amit Lobo

Director & Consultant

Innovation comes with the 4C's concept of communicating, collaborating, critical thinking and creating. And needless to say that for the desired economic growth of any nation, continued entrepreneurial in-novation and expansion is pivotal. Thus to help students innovate and think creatively, in 2017, ATTIS Systems signed an MoU with Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi and together trained more than 2000 engineering students, faculty and working professionals in 3D printing technology.

ATTIS Systems, established by first generation entrepreneur Mr. Amit Lobo in the year 2016 is one of the earliest companies promoting 3D labs and teaching STEM curriculum in most of the schools and colleges. ATTIS systems also manufactures and develops FDM, SLA, DLP 3D printers for personal and industrial use from 150 to 1000 mm cubic build volume and provides its own in-house developed slicing software,`Attrobot workspace'. Headquartered in Wanchai, Hong Kong and with office in Tilakwadi, Belagavi, ATTIS systems serves customers worldwide.

"Work places that foster innovation and creativity can adapt faster to the new economy and sustain growth," says Dr. Anil Shirahatti, Technical Director & Consultant at ATTIS Systems.

ATTIS Systems' believes that innovation comes with self-creation, rather than getting
robot kits off the shelf, assembling and building it. The company has built more than 200 ready-to-use education kits and database of more than 65,000 3D printable models, to explore subjects like science, mathematics, chemistry, english, biology, and engineering covering all different grades right from pre-school to graduation level. The STEM is implemented in three different models ­ basic, premium and enterprise package. The courses designed and 3D modelling software used has robust video tutorials and references to teach students how to design.

ATTIS Systems has established Engineering Exploration & Tinkering (EET) Laboratory in colleges to encourage students to innovate and discover the joy of creation. The EET Lab is a dedicated space on campus to explore ideas and experiencing the process of creation of technology from idea to prototyping. The Lab provides basic machinery, materials, tools and instruments for students to bring form to their imagination.

The Lab also offers courses that are designed as an introduction to engineering concepts with a focus on critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, communication and working across different engineering disciplines. These courses are intended to make students familiar with Engineering Design Project and Constraints Management. Multi-disciplinary nature of engineering, problem solving, data acquisition analysis, team building, engineering ethics and sustainability are the strong key points of this curriculum.

In the next few years, ATTIS is planning to expand its base in north India and abroad and carry forward its concept of hands on training. It is also eyeing on expanding its base in training, in the areas of electronic hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning. ATTIS Systems being a 3D printing manufacturer, new product development company and in consulting field for more than two decades is closely associated with industries around the globe. This relationship and experience is helping ATTIS to design their STEM courses of global standards and create future ready highly skilled workforce for nation building. The company is keen on meeting the needs of the Indian market and is also playing a key role in fuelling the `Atmanirbhar Bharat' and `Make in India' concepts.

Company Name: ATTIS Systems
Location: Belagavi India & WanChai HK
Management: Amit Lobo Technical, Director & Consultant,
Mr. Amit Lobo Technical, Director & Consultant
Dr. Anil ShirahattiTechnical, Director & Consultant

Description: ATTIS Systems manufacture's 3D printers, provides engineering software design and hardware consulting services