Kidz N Brainz: Redefining Learning with Innovative Technology

Sathya Sunil,  Founder & Director

Sathya Sunil

Founder & Director

Studies prove that the core personality of a person is formed by the age of seven, and most of the brain development happens by 12. The traits and concepts acquired during this age remain the same throughout one’s life; hence it is important to channelize our concern for learning & development of children by investing our resources on the right learning tools. In this digital era, the teaching learning methodology has tremendously changed and gone digital.

Bangalore based Kidz N Brainz is an innovative and pioneering step towards redefining learning through its office and online (brick to click) classrooms. Started as an abacus academy in 2005, this ISO 9001:2008 Certified Abacus Institute conducts various courses like Abacus, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, Cursive Hand Writing, Kidz English, Memory Boosters & Rubik Cube. Each course module is tailor made to make learning fun and interesting while simultaneously catering to the holistic development of the child.

Blending Technology with Experience
With an experience of 20 years in the education sector, Sathya Sunil (Founder & Director, Kidz N Brainz) understands the unique strengths and weaknesses of every child and adhering to this, she personally designs the course modules and curriculums. Having learners from all age groups (five years and above), each course is exclusively customized to meet the individual capability of each learner to
enhance learning as an enjoyable process.

Kidz N Brainz is the only institution which teaches Abacus a whole brain development program, focusing on the age of the learner Elementary(5-8 years) and Regular(9-12 years). This programme enables the learners to perform mathematical calculation with higher speed and accuracy (using fingers) and also improves the concentration of the learner. The Vedic Maths course, on the other hand, is designed to eliminate the fear for numbers and introduce Math as more of a magical and exciting subject. While Kidz English is a customized programme which teaches English language by using ingenious modes like flash cards, spelling techniques, puzzle solving, picture composition, situational conversation and others, and makes the learning process engaging and interactive.

Having learners from all age group (five years and above), each course is customized to meet the individual capability of each learner and make learning enjoyable

Each course is devised to cater to augmenting a child’s logical, creative, cognitive, literary and numeric skills. “If a child does not understand a concept /formula, the problem is not with the child, but with the teaching technique. So, the teachers have to keep changing the technique,” says Sathya. Her experience and qualification coupled with passion for teaching helps her in developing a rapport with the learner and take the whole process of learning to a whole new level. Aside this, Sathya’s experience in business affairs, her Master’s Management degree in Education together with her competent skill in Abacus enables her to smoothly and strategically
run the organization with ease.

Aiming to carry forward her distinct approach towards imparting education to children far and wide, poor infrastructure or lack of a proper classroom does not hinder the institute’s purpose. Kidz N Brainz unceasingly succeeds to reach-out to children in distant geographical zones via online(Skype) modes of communication. Such is the passion and zeal that precedes the objective of Kidz N Brainz.

Having been crowned with several awards akin to ‘Gold Star Performer Award’ (third National level competition in 2007),‘Pride of Arya Vysya’ for entrepreneurial excellence in creative education(2017) and ‘Vasavi Excellence Award’ (2017) to her credit, Sathya has professionally trained over 500 women teachers and given them employment opportunity in Kidz N Brainz. She has also helped around 250 women to setup their own institutions and become entrepreneurs under their own identity. No wonder the institution under her headship was awarded‘The Best Abacus and Calligraphy Institution in Bangalore’(2011 by Brands Academy) and was recognized for its achievement in the field of education with ‘Indian Achiever’s Award for Educational Excellence’ on Feb 2018, on the occasion of 44th Indian Achiever’s Seminar held at New Delhi.

Aside these enormous contributions to the field of education, it would only deem right to mention that Kidz N Brainz was the first institution to also conduct ‘Open State Level Abacus Competitions,’ which is an open forum for all aspiring students who come in large numbers(1500) to participate in the competition every year. With 60 franchisees (56 centres in Karnataka, two each in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh and one in U.S.) and more than 250 dedicated teachers training around 8000 students every year, the future for Kidz N Brainz holds a propitious path ahead.