DIT University: Imparting Comprehensive, Professional & Relevant Architectural Education

Prof. Chhabi Mishra,   Director, Faculty of Architecture & Design

Prof. Chhabi Mishra

Director, Faculty of Architecture & Design

As the demand of institutes imparting Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is increasing, there is a huge rise in the number of such colleges. But many fail to deliver quality education. Owing to the nonrestrictive curriculum format, the knowledge gained and skills acquired by the students are not sufficient for them to face the professional difficulties. A perfect fit bridging this gap of quality education and skill development is The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FoAD), a dynamic department of DIT University. “At FoAD, we believe in pluralism & critical thinking and celebrate diversity of all members of our community. Our nationally accredited, professional degree program in B.Arch provides students with cutting-edge technical skills and the cultural knowledge in a highly interactive interdisciplinary environment, necessary to work or practice in an increasingly competitive global market,” professes Prof. Chhabi Mishra, Director, Faculty of Architecture & Design, DIT University.

Its B.Arch course focuses on globalization, urbanization, climate change and technology while inculcating design thinking, innovation and digital technology in line with the government’s programs for skill development,
entrepreneurship and dynamic startups. Apart from the core courses design, construction, material and technology, FoAD offers large basket of electives, including history of architecture, graphics, urban studies, research methodology, architectural journalism, digital technology, 3D printing, conservation of heritage, earthquake, flood resistance construction techniques, energy efficiency, and sustainable development to choose from, which help students to meet current demands & trends of the industry. Above all, the institute also bestows programs such as B-Design (Interior Design), B-Design (UX/UI) and M.Tech.

FoAD’s students not only design autonomous buildings, but also collaborate with the contextual & multilayered physical environment. These students are trained on Hill Architecture where they learn about sustainable architectural design practices and usage of local building material & construction technology in the hills of Himalayas. On the flip side, graduates are given opportunities to engage in issues of global significance with local communities to understand development related issues & contribute toward bringing out its history and culture and learn the significance of ’Citizen Participation’ by deliberating and collaborating with the villagers and empowering them to earn a sustainable livelihood. This distinct approach aligns FoAD with the Government’s ‘Adopt a Village Mission’.

Student Enhancement
The department further emphasizes on research in socially relevant areas through the development of sustainable low cost housing and eco friendly, multi hazard resistant construction technologies for the habitat of Uttarkhand region. Unsurprisingly,
FoAD’s students are designated as brand ambassadors of Smart Cities Projects by MDDA.“At DIT University, we have a Center of Excellence where the Faculty of Architecture is involved in design innovation lab to conduct cutting edge research & design projects,” adds Prof. Chhabi.

FoAD’s key infrastructural facilities such as library, smart studios and various laboratories are a boon for students toning their mind muscles where its studio focuses on intensive/extensive exploration of the creative processes, supported by challenging approaches to history and theory in the context of futuristic technologies. No doubt the faculty members are so meticulous in enabling the students the right kind of knowledge with their constructive concept building and interactive learning sessions. These highly skilled & dynamic faculties provide an innovative environment for design education in which students benefit from rigorous one on one communication.

From extra curriculum activities to organizing national/international conferences & seminars and publishing monthly newsletter, FoAD provides complete platform to its students for their overall development. Going the extramile, FoAD has joined hands with knowledge partners like IIT Roorkee for the International Conference on Future Cities (scheduled in December 2019). “With the unique visionand rigorous academic pursuance, we at FoAD aspire to be among the top world class Architecture professional institutions, constantly striving for excellence in education, research & technical services and developing competent, ethically & morally strong leaders and entrepreneurs for industry and society,” concludes Prof. Chhabi.