Anand Thakar: A Virtuous Leader Delivering World-Class Training That Transforms People's Lives

Anand Thakar,FounderAnand Thakar ­ the best motivational speaker and performance coach ­ believed, `Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and don't give up.' There is no better example of someone walking the talk so convincingly. Anand ­ a middle-class Gujarati man ­ completed his mechanical engineering and diploma in production management in 1996. He started his career as a junior workshop supervisor in a manufacturing company. But in 2003, Anand began to think about a career in sales ­ the most beautiful profession in the world. He joined an organization that served as a corporate agency for a life insurance company.

At that point, he understood how sales had transformed him from a common person to an uncommon one. A spark of interest in sales led him to start his training company ­ Common2Uncommon ­ in 2015. The company's mission is to produce fearless and rich sales professionals to inspire many job seekers to join sales. This not only makes some contribution to reducing the unemployment of this country but also produces more taxpayers.

In 2017, he started working in the insurance sector, and LIC of India is his biggest client. Anand's forte lies in providing training to insurance agents and leaders. He trains leaders on team building and agents on delivering excellent service through all stages of customer interactions.

Anand believes that sales is more about actions and less about knowledge. Through
his programs, he conveys that if you don't put the acquired knowledge into action, you can never become a skilled sales professional, and an unskilled sales professional can never produce results.

He conducts various sales training programs like Vijeta, Success Mantra, Disha, Mission MDRT, Art of Objection Handling, Parivartan, Team Builders are Dream Builders, Fauj Hai to Mauj Hai, Leaders are Winners, Game of Numbers, and more. Every participant receives three benefits from the programs: a passion for success, easily understandable & implementable practical sales techniques, and a cost-effective fee structure.

"I focus more on actions. I speak to my audience in a way that they can comprehend, deliver the ideas in a way that convinces them that they are easy to implement, and narrate success stories that they can easily relate to, says Anand.

Addresses Challenges as Masked Opportunities
Anand firmly believes in the saying, when you focus on problems, you'll have more problems. But, when you focus on possibilities, you'll have more opportunities. Before Covid-19, he was delivering offline training programs to leaders and agents in Gujarat only. With the onset of the pandemic, he had to stop his offline sessions. But digital platforms came to his rescue as a masked opportunity, and he provides online training to LIC leaders and agents in 80 percent of Indian states.

To date, he delivered online and offline training to thousands of leaders and agents. Also, every insurance agent dreams of receiving MDRT recognition in the industry. After participating in his various training modules, lots of insurance agents have become MDRT-qualified.

The company’s mission is to produce fearless and rich sales professionals to inspire many job seekers to join sales

Marching Forward Victoriously
With the launch of a 12-month module, Parivartan for the leaders, Anand and his team of 10 women employees are planning to launch a new training program, Attachment to Abundance, for all sales professionals. He also intends to publish Good Newspaper by 2025 so that people can know about the positive things happening in the nation.

"Currently, my work is targeted at existing sales professionals. I want to spread more awareness about sales by visiting different colleges, utilizing the YouTube channel, and conducting online webinars so that more people will opt for sales as a career&, he concludes.