Aiyaz Uddin: A Strategic Thinker, Speaker & Mentor

Aiyaz Uddin,Business Coach

Aiyaz Uddin

Business Coach

The Indian coaching industry has shown strong resilience in the face of the pandemic, even after taking an initial hit. When businesses were looking for ways to cut costs wherever they could, the coaching industry has shown to be impactful in helping many businesses. However unregulated, the up-and-coming coaching profession has become a robust industry over the past few years.

It has impacted the most critical business sectors by contributing to their growth and the economy as a whole, especially in these testing times of the pandemic. Aiyaz Uddin, a goalcentric young entrepreneur from Hyderabad, Telangana, holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Osmania University. His experience spans over a decade, during which he has worked with diverse employers and corporate consulting IT services organizations to add to his testimonial throughout India and the United States.

Earlier in India, coaching had a negative perception, and leaders were not very forthcoming about being coached; however, the perception is changing now. Everyone understands the context, purpose, and objective of executive coaching more clearly.

The coaches are being engaged to accelerate the growth of business leaders and high-potential employees. After spending more than a decade in an agency environment, Aiyaz started with business coaching and consulting in the staffing and recruiting industry. As an IT Entrepreneur and
professional in HRM, sales, marketing, finance, advertising, and public relations with various industry experience, Aiyaz works with students, professionals, and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and industries for their web presence, profile building, social, professional and corporate media, advertising, public relations, and more. “I believe in “Passion progresses the passionate”, speaks Aiyaz Uddin, Business coach.

Aiyaz's expertise encircles digital entrepreneurship, HR management, online sales and marketing, social media, software sales (SaaS), public relations, advertising, corporate communications, and branding. He has been offering three programs, generally, which focus on coaching in the staffing and recruiting industry specific clients. His experience encircles coaching, mentoring, and advising startups, mid-size, and HR technology entrepreneurs to get started on their online digital presence, portfolio, and profile building on social, professional, and corporate media, including digital citizenship over the digital age. I give my clients awareness and clarity that brings them more confidence and ability to navigate from challenges to opportunities, speaks Aiyaz.

Building a network to create an ecosystem
Aiyaz Uddin connects with people inwardly to understand them better and enable them to see their potential and walk through their abilities which gives people more strength and boost in achieving their goals. He was invited as a speaker at Hacker Earth's Tech Recruiting Conference to speak on talent attraction and engagement using professional and social media in 2021.

He was invited by LinkedIn in Hyderabad for their Talent Solutions in 2016 to talk about professional tools to attract, engage and pipeline talent in the 21st century. Aiyaz has won numerous awards in his professional career, including International Excellence Awards ­ 2022 US, Young HR Leader 2022, Global HR Influencer ­ 2020, Global Youth Icon ­ 2021 and International Researcher Award 2021.

Our mission is to coach and mentor professionals in the staffing and recruiting industry to start, scale and craft a successful career and to produce the quality of the talented individual in this space Through Our Coaching And mentorship

Aiyaz Uddin aims to create an ecosystem that caters to the need of people in a way that develops them and help in achieving their professional and corporate dreams through means of coaching, consulting, and mentoring from them. We are niche, and we are unique in our humancentric approach, transparent and clear of what we do and how we can help people, speaks Aiyaz.