Alphabet Academy: Nurturing the Toddlers for Tomorrow's Cosmos

The learning process is rapid in the early ages, which proves quite instrumental in shaping one’s personality and the way he/she deals with life situations. Home is the first learning place where one starts learning even before school. But a preschool’s high-quality program is a perfect medium for nurturing a child’s growth along early learning, stimulating curiosity in the young impressionable minds, equipping with knowledge and preparing them for Kindergarten and future ahead. Based in Bangalore, Alphabet Academy is one such preschool & daycare centre that endeavours to develop a lifelong interest in learning among the children by laying-down a strong academic foundation in this contemporary world.

Serving the Early Learning Needs of Kids
Alphabet Academy has also entitled itself with a pretty interesting name ‘the absorbent mind’. Imparting an interactive early education, this state-of-the-art pre-school and day-boarding follows a curriculum based on the combination of Montessori and Kindergarten, which perfectly helps the tender minds absorb the new age learning. The uniquely structured pedagogy for the comprehensive development of children at Alphabet Academy comprises of programs like Baby Kiddie (less than two years), Explorer Kiddie(two–to-three years), Mini Kiddie(three-to-four years), Super Kiddie (four-to-five years), Jumbo Kiddie(five-to-six years) and after school daycare.

Introducing a unique concept of fun learning like READ-o-BUDDY(a reading friend) & Science Tree(a talking tree), Alphabet Academy fosters a strong learning system. Using the computer and tab lab, it helps the children to recognize signs & symbols so that they can easily link to their Kindergarten or mainstream school education culture. At Alphabet Academy, despite of the all basic amenities, the kids also have access to miscellany activity areas like reading corner, library corner, painting corner,dance floor,
outdoor indoor play area, splash pool and other art materials and table toys such as matching games, pegboards & puzzles, which give them a tour of a diverse learning process. Conducting several other activities like summer camps and field trips, Alphabet Academy elevates the children’s societal and general awareness. “We are looking to add some more educational equipment like a Talking Robot to ensure innovative learning,” reveals Juhi Hyder, Director, Alphabet Academy.
Juhi Hyder, Director

Prioritizing even the minute fret of the parents, Alphabet Academy delivers a perfectly safe & secure environment to the toddlers using carpeted floors and foam padded walls. There are seven teaching staff, four administrative staff, and 12 attendants at the establishment, for both preschool and daycare, from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM. At minimal charges (including hygienic and pediatric approved meal plan), Alphabet Academy offers a range of services categorized as Regular Daycare, Exclusive Daycare, and Emergency Daycare. Assigning separate bed, mattress, pillow, bedsheet, & blanket to every kid, it maintains a perfect hygienic and cozy environment for the daycare children.

Imparting an interactive early education, this state-of-the-art pre-school and day boarding follows a curriculum based on the combination of Montessori and Kindergarten

Future Prospects
Bestowed with Brainfeed Award at the sixth National Conference, Hyderabad, this organization is growing leaps & bounds YoY and is constantly upgrading its fundamental approach of early childhood learning. Initially incepted as a preschool & daycare facility, Alphabet Academy now aspires to expand further by coming-up with another branch in Electronic City, Phase-2 area by next year, while make a gradual progression to provide School services.