AkshPro IT Services: Streamlining the Entire Education Process via a Simple App

Wing Cdr R.R. Gupta (Retd), PartnerBetter than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher, goes an old Japanese saying which transcends time and holds true even today. Enabling all teachers become great ones and appease the holistic learning experience for students, AkshPro IT Services has undertaken the challenge of spearheading cloud based interactions between students, teachers and parents to comprehensively connect the three, ensuring child safety, futuristic amalgam of education interrelations at schools and mitigate basic archaic academic predicaments. The New Delhi-based venture has successfully created a cloud based SaaS platform in the form of a proprietary mobile app and a Web-Application where it maintains a comprehensive, interactive archive of students and teachers information and much more.

Meticulous Services
Starting right from the date of admission, students are introduced to AkshPro’s app which is integrated with the school’s ERP where a plethora of information beginning from the admission details until the academic year results are depicted impeccably. Proffering an elaborate archive of
modules for teachers like attendance, home work, remarks, performance and communication, help teachers monitor and partake in the academic growth of students. The‘attendance’ module helps teachers keep track of the students’ attendance where an SMS alert is sent to the parents in case the student doesn’t reach the campus, while students/parents can apply for leave of absence through this module. Teachers upload the assignments in the ‘homework’ module which is visible to both parents and students to be taken up within a stipulated time.Teachers are notified upon completion of the assignment and comments on these assignments are stored in the‘remarks’ module that acts as a personal vault of students’ remarks.

Proffering an elaborate archive of modules for teachers like attendance, homework, remarks, performance and communication, help teachers monitor and partake in the academic growth of students

Rather than going with just numbers, performance module helps get the graphical representation of every student’s yearly performance and reveals areas that need to be worked on by teachers, students and parents. Featuring contact details of all the three stakeholders of the app (parents, students and teachers),the communication modules makes communicating a AkshPro’s offerings are further extrapolated into extremely
necessary tools for students like calendar, task as smooth as butter. Extending its performance beyond this, the app allows teachers to publish download able circulars for the students’ benefit.

library, transport and more. Taking a typical notice board to the next level, the academic ‘calendar’is updated with regular happenings of the school the children can actively participate in. Detailed databases of all the books available at the‘library’ including editions, authors and books currently in use by other students are listed. Equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems in school buses, the ‘transport’ module empowers parents to remotely monitor the vehicle their child is commuting in.The tool even notifies parents via SMS if the bus is delayed for any reason.As an all-in-all tool,the app also displays the paid and payable fee details; thus ensuring timely payment of fees, and even displays students annual results at the end of the year.

On The Horizon
Being a Google cloud hosted platform, AkshPro takes absolute advantage of lightning speed movement of information happening between the KRA of the development team and the MIS of the school. This sets them apart from the competition that quite often suffers from delayed updates of poorly built apps and the maintenance team.Catering to more than 250 clients like Delhi Public School, BalBhavan International, GD Goenka and many other big guns, AkshPro has turned around a topline of Rs.6 crore per annum recently and aims to penetrate the ‘interactive learning’ apps segment, along the way raising the standards to international levels.