Aditi Goradia: An Emerging Educational Leader who Looks beyond the Textbooks

Aditi Goradia,Managing Director

Aditi Goradia

Managing Director

The number of children who dropped out of schools in India has fallen down below three percent for the first time. In 2018, no more than 2.8 percent of children were out of school in India, bringing the total school enrollment to a record 97.2 percent, according to the Annual Status of Education Report. This however is a fine paper over the crack of numeracy and literacy standards remaining sub-par. It takes new age educational leaders who look beyond the textbooks and ages old curriculum to bridge this gap. Aditi Goradia, the Managing Director of Billimoria High School (BHS), belongs to that breed of edupreneurs. An alumnus of BHS, Aditi over the last couple of years has been quite appreciable in adapting BHS’ more than 100 years old vision of student centric education into the modern age, setting new benchmarks in student inclusion.

“Our education system has long ignored a small, but huge fact that every child is unique and every child is important. While the system continues to impose a standardized approach on children, it’s time to open our eyes and see that education is personal. Here at BHS, we nurture & channel individuality, and hone their potential,” asserts Aditi, who began her academic journey from her family owned (Aditi Education Society) BHS and went on to complete her post graduation in Anthropology and Asian Studies from The University of Texas at Austin, before returning back to India. A Young Turk, who wants to make a genuine change, Aditi knew there is no better world than education to do so. She took over the reins of BHS a couple of years back and it’s been a great leadership journey ever since then.

A Vision of Student Inclusion
A unique, extremely inclusive school, BHS for the same reason doesn’t have a strict admission policy. Unlike most of the institutions in the country that constantly
strive to admit only the academically brightest students, believing that every child is blessed with a unique ability, accepts even the bottom layer of academic excellence and brings them up the ladder. The school is home to students from all kinds of backgrounds and abilities. Having a 6:1 students-teacher ratio further complements this upbringing as they personally know each child, their personalities and even the family background.

“We believe that every child has a prophecy in their own right. We just need to figure it out, before stamping them with the seals of engineer or doctor. In BHS, we encourage and motivate kids to explore and involve in different kinds of activities,” adjoins Aditi. The 100+ student activities including creative arts, specialized sports, information technology, and other life skills activities within the 18 acre campus are designed to involve every student and these activities have transformed the lives of thousands of introverts among students, Aditi herself being the greatest example.

A Young Turk, who wants to make a genuine change, Aditi knew there is no better world than education to do so

Beyond the Four Walls
With BHS, it is never merely about the backboard or textbook. The students go out of the classroom and often cake-walk through the curriculum through hands on experience. For instance, the students in class 10, who have Trigonometry as a part of their curriculum, along with their Math teacher developed a device. They today go out and measure things on their own, gaining matchless knowledge about its applications in real life.

“After all, a residential school only meets its full potential when it is a home away from home. At BHS, we are a family. Our teachers become parents and fellow students are like siblings, while our entire team is trained to ensure that every child is happy, meeting their emotional and physical needs. We simultaneously inculcate a sense of self discipline and independence with the ultimate goal of raising responsible, global citizens,” adjoins Aditi.

A Skill-Based Era in the Making
We live in an era wherein multinational companies like Amazon and Facebook hire candidates who don’t necessarily top the class nor have degrees at all. Aditi believes that not just classrooms but even the examinations should look beyond textbook to weave a skill-based system. There is no better way other than acknowledging the students right away for their independent thinking in the classroom. “Going forward, we strive hard to work on acquainting the students with a lot of life skills, how to be independent and how to think outside-the-box,” Aditi concludes.

Aditi Goradia, Managing Director, Billimoria High School
Aditi is a young education leader, who transforms the 100 years old BHS to the new age. A post graduate in Anthropology and Asian Studies from The University of Texas at Austin, she takes forward BHS’ vision of student centric education and student inclusion, while constantly engaging a pedagogy that looks beyond textbooks and four walls of the classroom.