Dr. Ajeenkya D Y Patil: Leading Transition Into Education 4.0

Dr Ajeenkya DY Patil,PresidentIn today’s tech-driven world, schools & colleges desire to be incubators of exploration & invention, while educators collaborate in gaining new knowledge & skills, and learning. Moreover, education leaders need to set a definite plan for developing learning experiences that tender the right tools & support for all learners to thrive. Indeed, to deliver authentic learning experiences, both educators as well as education leaders should deploy technology effectively in their custom.

Riding this wave of change, Dr. Ajeenkya D Y Patil (President, Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU) & Chairman, Ajeenkya DY Patil Group, ADYPG) incepted ADYPU that cuddles the twin engines of globalization – technology and innovation. At ADYPU, technology is the key for empowering infrastructure behind building & facilities, hence it allocates significant budget every year on college information technology like subscriptions, software licenses and hardware addition.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ajeenkya, ADYPU is one of the pioneers in India to adopt the Scale-up classroom (variety of teaching styles are designed as per subject & learner preferences) that stands for student-centred active learning environment with upside-down pedagogies – a structural & pedagogical approach to deliver technology driven learning. Currently, this approach, which is being used by 250+ universities across US and Europe, has been instrumental in increasing student participation and engagement.

Dr. Ajeenkya upholds the legacy of his father Dr. DY Patil, whose ethos is the backbone of ADYPU and the key factor behind university’s progress. A second generation educator, he is a man of many talents & accolades. As a passionate educationalist, he has not only commenced longterm programs with renewed universities worldwide, but also initiated various national & international collaborations from public and private sectors.

Technology-Friendly Educator
“I have always believed that leadership is not a destination, it’s a journey,” observes Dr. Ajeenkya. A visionary at heart, he endeavors to fill the gap between the industry & academia and make the students industry ready, and ADYPU plays into this vision by curating T Shaped Professional. With his intension to develop industry-ready professionals, Dr. Ajeenkya endowed ADYPU with unique enrichment curriculum consisting of both multi-disciplinary & inter-
disciplinary programs, hands-on training, industrial visit, industry specific projects (via Innovation factory) and entrepreneurship programs. Additionally, competency based transcript system, ePortfolio and DYPU Incubator (moulding students’ creative ideas into feasible business) are deployed to showcase the skill and important aspects of learners to industry-leaders as well as promote startup environment & innovation.

Throwing light on learning pedagogy, Dr. Ajeenkya avers, “Right from the beginning, we are following an evidence based pedagogy wherein the emphasis is on learning outcomes and the competencies attained. The instruction is geared to provide personalized learning pathways, assessment is aligned to assess the outcomes and the courses incorporate the real-world element combined with active learning. Our academics, through our standards based curriculum and student centered pedagogy, is trying to develop the breadth of knowledge for a student besides the depth”.

I have always believed that leadership is not a destination, it’s a journey

The selection of courses & subjects as per student preference and their career goal (from other nine schools of study functioning under the Ajeenkya DY Patil Group) is the major highlight of ADYPU. Passionate to change education system, Dr. Ajeenkya promotes design thinking and multiple credit options at ADYPU (attending semesters at partner institutions, learning through MOOC’s guide and online studying facility through video conferencing and collaboration tools). Students are provoked to undertake initiatives and exchange their ideas freely while working across boundaries. Soon, will be inducing skill enhancement programs at the university, like soft skill under general course work with the help of world-class faculty who not only share knowledge of their fields and the subjects but constantly encourage students to discover new realms of knowledge.

“We are making a conscious effort to develop a new pedagogical model of education. After all, we are an innovation university. Innovation starts with how we deliver education and value first & foremost to our students and how this value transcends to evolve the future of this great nation. We always wanted ADYPU to be known for unconventionality and its distinctiveness, and I am happy to note that we are gaining students from all corners of India and about 13 different nationalities. For us, the university is meant to expand the powers of the mind and to teach people how to earn a living. To this end, we try to balance pursuit of knowledge and vocational relevance and excellence,” professes Dr. Ajeenkya.

His strong understanding across academic disciplines has helped him to take ADYPG to new height economically, intellectually, socially and culturally that delivers an academically distinctive portfolio of excellent and professionally relevant courses coupled with a high quality student experience. This powerful and engaging speaker is committed towards transforming people’s lives by leveraging the potential of educational excellence and thus encourages & inspires all members of ADYPG community to deliver the same. Dr. Ajeenkya envisions making ADYPU as one of the top 10 institutions in the country known for its academic excellence in teaching, research and quality of service. He is also working towards creating an environment of freedom and responsibility, which will stimulate the intellectual capacity of students, faculty and staff to openup opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Ajeenkya D Y Patil, President, ADYPU, and Chairman, ADYPG
Under his leadership, ADYPG continues to grow economically, intellectually, socially and culturally, providing an academically distinctive portfolio of excellent and professionally relevant courses coupled with a high quality student experience.

• Men of the Year – 2018 by The Times of India Group
• The Paul Harris fellowship in March 2000 by Rotary International
• Achiever Award in 2004 by Pranab Mukherji
• Top Management Consortium Award of Excellence 2010-2011