360 Track: Empowering Institutes & Parents to Track the Child's Academic Journey & Where abouts

Mayur Dabhade, Co-Founder,Swapnil Dabhade, Co-Founder

Mayur Dabhade, Co-Founder

Swapnil Dabhade, Co-Founder

It is not unusual to come across news stating an abduction of a child enroute their school or home. As per National Crime Records Bureau, thousands of children go missing every year. Additionally, a large number of parents, now a part of the 9 to 5 grind, are unaware of their child’s whereabouts, which adds on to the problem. This grave scenario propelled brothers Mayur Dabhade and Swapnil Dabhade to leverage technology to solve this burning issue, and hence they started working on 360Track in December 2014. Earlier conceptualized as a contact less card-based solution, 360Track was designed to inform the parents about the child’s entry and exit from classes, tuitions and educational institutes. But with several schools suggestion to link it with student attendance cum management system brought a new face to the product. Today it offers parents the convenience to access their child’s academic information and whereabouts easily and even help educational institutes manage student data. Embarked with a logo of an owl, symbolizing 24x7 assurance and security,360Track is a communication platform for educational institutes, teachers, parents and students allowing seamless interaction
among all the stakeholders while efficiently contributing to a child’s academic growth.

Affixed at the entrance of school /classrooms,360Track device immediately sends an automated SMS to parents as soon as their ward scans the unique 360Track smart card, citing the child’s entry and exit time

Since its inception in 2016, Mumbai-based 360Track has been successful in signing up reputed institutes with them and aims to accomplish over all growth through cutting-edge technology, superior user experience & staying industry relevant. The app has been developed keeping in mind the children who would be unable to decipher complicated interfaces. Affixed at the entrance of school /class rooms, 360Track device immediately sends an automated SMS to parents as soon as their ward scans the unique 360Track smart card, citing the child’s entry and exit time. On the other hand, educational institutes are equipped with a web panel where teachers can manage attendance, marks and notes for the class and update the child’s performance from time-to-time. Parents too can log in to this portal and track their ward’s academic progress easily through the 360Track mobile app, which is Android, iOS and Windows compliant.

An Automated Procedure
Loss of insurmountable student data and manual book-keeping methods are a thing of
past; thanks to the software’s cloud foundation. Teachers can now send exam marks, urgent notices & essential feedbacks via SMS and since the product follows the solution-as-service model, neither of the party incurs additional costs for SMS, hardware set ups, smart cards and maintenance. This speaks volumes about the company's work ethics and objective that doesn’t emphasise on solely minting profits. Through this constant update and communication with the teachers, parents are now aware of their child’s core academic requirements.

With the motive to solely focus on technical aspects for further refinement of the product, 360Track has outsourced its sales management work through their sales network in 30+ cities in India. “Technology is the company’s core and we continuously strive at strengthening the product and providing better experience to the clients and end users,” asserts Mayur. Following the managerial style of Lord Krishna, 360Track team is an ardent believer of 'team first' ideology that continues to strive for quality, integrity and commitment while strictly adhering to all required standards.

Subsequently, regular expert sessions and webinars are organised for the employees to keep them abreast of the technology and industrial trends.

To leverage the increasing IoT trend, the company is all geared up to invest heavily on R&D.“Our endeavour is to completely digitize education system globally while focusing on trengthening our sales network in India and expanding our global footprint,” concludes the duo.