Rainbow Kids International Preschool: Redefining Early Childcare Education by Providing Inquiry-based and theme-based Leaning

Zeba Meuiz,  Principal

Zeba Meuiz


The Preschool Market in India is anticipated to expand by 7835 Crores between 2022 and 2026, with a fore casted CAGR of 9.57 percent. Rising parent awareness for early childhood education and care, together with an increase in the number of nuclear families and working women in the nation, are the main drivers driving the growth of the Indian preschool/ child care market.

Since its start in 2017, Rainbow Kids has sought to fulfil the requirements of its young students and has developed a theme based curriculum written by subject matter experts that is both engaging and compelling to best assist children's holistic learning and development. The school was established with a unique vision and notion that set it apart from conventional models in its methodology & has since been successfully established in various centres across India. Rainbow Kids has combined elements of various well known early childhood philosophies, including Reggio Emilia, cognitive based, and Montessori, to provide child led, multi age learning that attempts to equally develop children's linguistic abilities, cognitive skills, and social skills. Rainbow Kids believe that having the opportunity to play with open ended materials encourages
children to begin to think creatively, develop their own ideas, and explore. Since every child is special and unique, and their entire development in later life mainly depends on their early experiences, Rainbow Kids' mission is to provide high quality instruction and child care in a warm, encouraging environment that paves the way for a life long learning.

Simple themes like Me and My friends, My body, My family, Plants, Animals, Transport are used every month to teach fundamental concepts such as language, math, stories, rhymes, creative arts, and fine motor skills

Theme Based Curriculum
Pioneers in early childhood education suggest that age and developmentally appropriate early childhood theme based programs have the highest scope in preparing children for lifelong learning. Learning through themes helps young children connect with their immediate world and also connect classroom learning to their lives at home and in the community “Simple themes like Me and My friends, My body, My family, Plants, Animals, Transport are used every month to teach fundamental concepts such as language, math, stories, rhymes, creative arts and fine moto skills“, speaks Zeba Meuiz, Principal.

The school offers STEM based learning in the curriculum to give every action a purpose. The major advancement in its program is that they have included basic robotics and coding through specially curated games as it makes the foundation solid in this tech savvy world.

Learning Made Fun
To prepare children for the academic demands of school, teachers offer a wide variety of games and daily activities that will help them acquire the necessary academic and social skills. The multiple intelligences approach objectives are met by Rainbow Kids by using puppets,role playing, circle time activities, art and craft, action songs, and supervised free play to foster creativity and comprehension. Rainbow Kids learn letters and numbers at their own pace playing games and doing various activities that they find interesting. To learn languages and strengthen their pre reading skills, teachers play rhyming games and let kids tell stories. To learn premath skills, teachers will ask kids to count food items during snack time, use a calendar to count down days, or play memory games with them.

“We have definitely come a long way. Besides crafting our own theme based curriculum, we also handhold women entrepreneurs who want to embark on the journey of starting a preschool by giving them royalty free franchises, setting up the school, training their teachers, and providing them with advanced android applications that can be used to manage their school even remotely,” signs off Zeba.