Wall Street English and HCLTech Partner to Enhance English Language Training in Tech Sector

Wall Street English, a leading name in English language training, has announced a strategic partnership with HCLTech, a global technology company, to provide specialized English language courses to IT professionals. This collaboration aims to address the growing demand for proficient business-English speakers within the tech industry, helping learners advance their careers.

As the technology and engineering sectors in India continue to expand, with projected revenues set to reach $250 billion by 2024, the need for skilled English communicators is more critical than ever. Wall Street English's effective methodology, known for its high trackability and scalability, offers a robust solution for corporate partners navigating this growth.

HCLTech will integrate Wall Street English’s curriculum into its proprietary learning platform, Career Shaper™. This integration will provide high-quality content, proficiency-based courses, and access to qualified teachers and personal coaches online. The collaboration aims to make English education a core component of tech learning in India.

"Wall Street English has an established reputation for delivering learner outcomes to individual users. Corporate partnerships are a key part of our future, and we are excited to extend our operations in this segment. HCLTech is an industry leader, with significant reach in India and beyond, focused on accelerating transformation for their many partners. This collaboration demonstrates the belief both companies have that English plays a crucial role in the future of business and technology", said James Mc Gowan, CEO of Wall Street English.

The courses are tailored for business success, combining the educational expertise of both Wall Street English and HCLTech. The curriculum emphasizes blended learning, providing flexibility for self-study, which is essential for full-time employees. Additionally, bespoke reporting and feedback mechanisms ensure continuous learner progression.

"Wall Street English has a proven pedagogy to help techies express their ideas effectively and communicate assertively. Both qualities are important for fostering innovation within organizations. We are very happy to collaborate with Wall Street English and leverage each other’s strengths to offer technical and job-relevant functional English communication, helping aspirants stay successful in their careers", said Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President & Global Head of EdTech Business, HCLTech.

This partnership between Wall Street English and HCLTech represents a significant step towards integrating essential English language skills into the tech learning sector, empowering IT professionals to excel in their careers and contribute to the industry's growth.