Meghalaya Government to Integrate QR Codes in School Textbooks

The Meghalaya government is planning to introduce Quick Response code in the school textbooks that will help students to access further information through their smart phones. Education Secretary A Marak informed that the move will enable students to properly manage their time instead of traversing them with more options to gain supplementary knowledge.

Many subjects will have more information embedded in the books by way of QR codes. "We are adding quick response (QR) codes to school textbooks that will be embedded with additional information on a particular subject. The aim is to reinforce students' ability to manage time well and gain further knowledge as per one's choice," Marak stated.

It provides access to educational applications with video lessons and solved question papers by scanning the QR codes using mobile devices. It will help students 'save time spent in searching for study material and spend more time on actual learning,' said the Director of the DERT, R Manner. 'It will be great help for students seeking to improve themselves in weak subjects,' he highlighted as the unique advantage of this initiative.

Meghalaya Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma acclaimed the move and said that the government is serious about ensuring the students of the state get proper educational materials. He further reiterated that including QR codes within textbooks would be a very proactive initiative making education modern and providing students with superior learning experiences.

The move comes as part of a larger initiative the Meghalaya government is taking toward improving education standards and launching into digital technology in the classroom. This would completely change how students work with their study materials since it will be more interactive and productive in nature. This move will empower students with greater access to resources to act upon, hence giving way to a more robust and versatile educational environment in the state.