Top 5 Emerging Trends in Student-Centric Learning Models


The model of learning has drastically shifted in the past few years. The mode of teaching at present is pretty different compared to what it was some decades back. New technologies have come up and have changed the way of teaching as well as learning entirely. The innovations brought in like self-learning and flipped classrooms have transformed the concept of education itself; digital learning forms an intrinsic and a very beneficial part of today's model of education. Looking forward to the key EdTech trends moving into 2024, educators will get insight into exactly ways through which these innovations are changing the way of learning.

Prakash Rengarajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Hello Class, says, "Technology is improving every aspect of our life. It has changed the way we communicate, work, and learn. The rise of the internet and smart phones has transformed the education system, and hand-held devices have now become an integral part of learning, whether in a classroom environment or online. Technology is being used to disseminate learning right from the pre-primary stage to higher education as it is effective, engaging, and personalized".

Digital Twins

As a virtual model of physical objects, systems, or processes, Digital Twins make a difference in educational environments by creating digital twins of classrooms and campuses. Such models use real-time data and analytics so that one might replicate. They optimize the entire life cycle of educational facilities mitigating traditional challenges in the design and management of the classrooms, as well as high costs and inefficiencies. As it matures, the technology could further reach out to the entire campus for enhanced resource management and sustainability. Moreover, Digital Twins could be applied to make a sea change in curriculum delivery, making abstract concepts interactive and engaging, particularly in STEM education, to improve comprehension and retention.

Welcoming the new age where technology and education move hand-in-hand, Digital Twins are going to capture the teaching-learning-educational-management world quite easily by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Though at the outset, the costs would matter, the investment is worth looking from a long-term perspective for the stakeholders: students, educators, and institutions. Embrace this transformative potential now and opt for Digital Twin technology for your classroom or institution Invent Your Education Today.